Lee Min Jung is 27 weeks pregnant. She and husband Lee Byung Hun are expecting their baby in April. The surprising news was just released on January 19.

The announcement came on January 19 via Lee Min Jung's agency MSTeam Entertainment. Through her agency, Lee Min Jung said, "I first want to thank everyone who were concerned about the recent issues. Despite my worries, I am going to stay determined and strong for the family. I will try my best to not disappoint those who have waited and looked out for me all this time.”

It hasn't been easy for Lee Min Jung for the past few months. As we retrace the timeline, she was probably already pregnant when the scandalous news about Lee Byung Hun hit. It explains MSTeam Entertainment's carefully worded announcement as follows:

“It’s a blessing to be welcoming a baby into a family, but we were initially hesitant to announce this, due to the recent unfortunate circumstances. We also had to take her condition into consideration before revealing the news about her pregnancy. Please understand why we had to be careful about revealing her pregnancy to the public.”

The press release concluded with a plea, "“Please send blessings and encouragement with a warm heart to Lee Min Jung, who is taking her first step toward becoming a mother.” 

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Lee Min Jung will be staying in South Korea for the rest of her pregnancy as she prepares for the baby's birth. The above photo is from a photo shoot she did a few years ago. She definitely looks cute and happy with a baby. The press release did not mention what her baby's gender is or whether the expectant parents know about the gender.

Congratulations to Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hyun, and we sincerely hope for a happy new year for the couple as they move forward to a new phase of their family life. 

~ NancyZdramaland