Duty calls! Married actress Lee Min Jung cut her recent trip to the USA short when an advertising company she is working with called her in. Her agency, M Steam Entertainment, made the following public statement:

"Lee Min Jung has returned to Korea. She came back to fulfill a schedule with an advertisement company."

Her hubby Lee Byung Hun, who was recently blackmailed for allegedly cheating on her, plans to continue his vacation overseas alone. Lee's agency was quoted saying their talent wants to spend "personal time in America." His blackmailers, GLAM's Da Hee and model Lee Ji Yeon, are expected to receive 3 years in prison. Their next court date is on January 15.

See Song Ha Yoon and Teen Top’s Changjo in the lighthearted fantasy comedy Sweden Laundry:

In my opinion, this whole ordeal is getting way out of hand. Lee Min Jung didn't do anything wrong, and to our knowledge her husband was blackmailed because of his immense popularity. This couple should feel free to return to South Korea together and live in peace. They shouldn't have to worry about reporters hounding them. They are the victims of the blackmail case, not the perpetrators.

What is your take on their brief separation for work? 

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