The popular romance melodrama Angel Eyes has reached its finale. Its leading man, a.k.a. "Dr. McDimples," Lee Sang Yoon, presented the production members with sunblock lotion gifts from his endorsed brand, Clarins, to thank them for their hard work through sleepless nights. He uses the same sunblock lotion, and thought that it would be helpful for skin protection during outdoor filming.

Among all the handsome actors, I feel very partial to Lee Sang Yoon because his facial features appear very natural and 'unpolished.' It's the same with his profile too. When he smiles, I feel like I want to drown in those dimples. At 32, he has a very attractive, manly look from top to bottom. Now it turns out that Lee Sang Yoon is not only a great looking guy but also a kind and considerate person. What a nice combination!

With his rising fame, Lee Sang Yoon is now the spokesperson for Clarins Men, and the commercials show off his wholesome handsomeness. Let's check out his facial condition in the newest Clarins commercial. We also have another video about how he improves his inner beauty through work with the environment.

First, let's see how he hydrates his facial skin:

I have no idea what he says about the product, but I'm sure it's wonderful.

And, here's the video showing Lee Sang Yoon planting trees in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand and talking about the positive experience: