There are kisses in dramas, but rarely is a kiss as romantic and heartfelt as the first kiss between UEE and Lee Seo Jin. It came when the Marriage Contract couple finally revealed their true feelings, which had been hidden and obscured by their unique circumstances. Their sad farewell suddenly turned into a passionate embrace. With so much complexity mixed into their emotions, no wonder it took them three days to complete the kiss.

SPOILER ALERT: This kiss took place at the end of episode 9 and the beginning of episode 10. We will discuss some details of the drama. If you haven't started the drama yet, you can visit FIRST LOOK to check out the synopsis and HERE to watch a teaser trailer.

If you have been watching this quiet and elegant romance drama, you are familiar with the premise of why Hye Soo (UEE) and Ji Hoon (Lee Seo Jin) are in a fake marriage.

Although the two characters are separated by their social-economic standing, they both shoulder great burdens in life. He is an illegitimate son of an uncaring chaebol, and his mother is dying unless she gets a liver transplant. She is a young widow who wants to provide for her child if, and when, her brain tumor takes her away from this world.

What started out as a business-like transaction turns into a budding romance as they gradually grow fond of each other and subconsciously realize that they fulfill the emptiness and soothe the anguish in each other's heart. Yet, they aren't able to admit the deepening feelings, even to themselves.

In the meantime, his mother has decided that she would rather not have the surgery and returns to the small island where she grew up. Ji Hoon and Hye Soo decide to go to the island to persuade the mother. They actually spend an idyllic day like a real family, along with Hye Soo's daughter Eun Sung, in a very nice visit with the mother. 

Ultimately, his mother refuses to change her mind. Ji Hoon decides it's time to stop their fruitless effort and call it quits. 

He says goodbye in a polite manner. 

Watch what happens next:

Let's just take a moment to calm our fluttering hearts and wipe our tears...

Their lovely kiss and passionate embrace is unique among K-drama kisses, especially for a first kiss. 

The stakes are high with this kiss scene, as it is a crucial first kiss between the two characters and the emotional outburst signifies a change in their relationship going forward. Reportedly, the kiss scene was perfected after three days of intense efforts between the two actors, who completed the final take on a cold and windy day at Kwan Mae Do island.

What happens after the kiss? What other surprises will the love story unfurl and unleash?

All I know is that I want to watch that impassioned kiss again and cheer for our beloved couple.

How about you?

 ~ NancyZdramaland

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