Lee Seo Jin loves chatting about his best friend Lee Seung Gi! Today, the Marriage Contract actor was a guest on the SBS Power FM radio program Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time. During the interview, Lee was asked about his social life after the recent enlistment of his BFF. The DJ inquired about the buddies he has been hanging out with these days. After explaining that his recent filming schedule has halted his social outings, the 45-year-old started gushing about his friend's new favorite idol group. 

“He told me that he likes TWICE, and he understands why people start liking girl groups when they become soldiers,” the handsome star said jokingly about his recent conversation with the Love Forecast actor. I called [2PM's] Taecyeon and asked him to give me a video and a signed album from TWICE. After receiving them from Taecyeon, I sent them to Lee Seung Gi.”

The 29-year-old soldier also gets energized each day by an encouraging video message from one of the members. Lee Seo Jin revealed, “One of the TWICE members apparently [sent him a video message saying] ‘Seung Gi oppa, good luck with your military service.' Lee Seung Gi now starts off his day by watching that video.”

This is so sweet! It's great to know celebrities are dedicated fans just like the rest of us. Lee Seung Gi fans can now rest assured that he is doing well in the military, and he has a nice video that encourages him on a regular basis. 

What do you think about Lee's fanboying over TWICE? Which idol group member's video would you love to wake up to? 

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Source: Via/ Image Credit: Osen and Asiae