Lee Seo Won is one lucky guy!

The Lovely Love Lie star has worked alongside some of South Korea's ultimate beauties during his almost two year acting career. The rookie actor was probably in awe when he played with Red Velvet's Joy, Miss A's Suzy, LABOUM’s Solbin and Han Seung Yeon. In a recent interview to commemorate the finale of his latest series Lovely Love Lie, he gushed about the girl group members he has worked with in the last couple of years.

He started off the interview praising his co-workers. “They all share some similarities, like the fact that they are all pretty and kind.”

The 20 year-old heartthrob was energized by Joy's upbeat persona on the set of Lovely Love Lie. "Joy has a clear and vitamin-like voice, just like our drama. She has a positive vibe and energy, and she’s like a happy virus who energizes the entire set when she’s there.”

What did he think of Suzy's personality when he played her younger brother in Uncontrollably Fond? “No Eul (Suzy) is a very loyal person. She’s kind, pretty, and easy-going. We sometimes decide to meet-up last minute through our Uncontrollably Fond group chatroom, and she’ll always try to make it, even if she can only come late. She’s so awesome.”

Lee was also given the golden opportunity to co-host KBS Music Bank with LABOUM’s Solbin, and he was cast as Han Seung Yeon's love interest in the upcoming JTBC web series Last Minute Romance. How did he view both of these ladies? 

“It was cool because [Solbin] was the first idol I met who was my age. Though things were a little awkward at first because we worked in different fields, she has helped me out a lot and is patient when teaching me things I don’t know. Now, we’re good friends and we always support each other," he said about his former Music Bank co-host.

Lee Seo Won is enjoying his time at the Last Minute Romance filming set with the former Kara member, “We’ve only met a couple of times so I don’t know her very well yet. She has a very small face and looks really young. She’s kind and easy to approach, so we’re having a great time filming on set.”

If you had to ship Lee Seo Won with one of his co-stars, who would you ship him with and why? 

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