485928 Lee Seung Gi has won our hearts with his charming smile and personality. So when a Valentine's Day-themed poll was held in Korea, it was not shocking that Lee Seung Gi was the top choice for women in Korea. The poll asked "Who will you confess your love to?" and about 36% of the 250 votes went to Lee Seung Gi. The poll was conducted by a plastic surgery clinic in Korea. The Valentine's tradition in Korea is observed with the woman confessing to the men and gifting them with chocolates. Song Joong Ki came in second with 30.9% of the votes: songjoongkiandpooch-20100701   He was followed by Kim Soo Hyun with 18.8%: Lee Min Ho came in fourth with 10.9%: Minho3   Lee Kwang Soo got the remaining 3.4%: Lee Kwang Soo_副本 Which one of these cuties would you confess to this Valentine's Day? (Source: www.kdramastars.com)