On February 26th, KBS2 TV aired its last broadcast of ‘1N2D,’ which documented the second part of the cast’s last trip. On this broadcast, when Lee Soo Geun showed off his swinging skills on a large swing at the base camp, Lee Seung Gi confidently stated that he could swing just as well as Lee Soo Geun and challenged his swinging skills. However, once Lee Seung Gi got on the swing, he showed that he couldn’t swing due to his inability to find the right rhythm, and showered his castmates with questions on how to time his reactions and how to find the rhythm with a quizzical look on his face. After Lee Seung Gi’s attempt at swinging, Eun Ji Won showed that he could swing well too, which caused Na Young Suk PD to comment that “It’s just Lee Seung Gi who can’t swing.” Lee Seung Gi, who then became embarrassed, asked if it was really that weird when he was trying to swing. Read more on Allkpop.