leeseunggi2 Lee Seung Gi was chosen as THE celebrity that women want to receive candy from on White Day. Women ages 10 to 20 answered the question, "On White Day, which male celebrity would you want to receive candies from?" for a recent online poll. Out of the 337 women who participated in the survey, 142 of the votes went to none other than Lee Seung Gi and his prince-like charms. Representatives of the survey analyzed the results, saying that Lee Seung Gi has a very clean image and a smile that leaves a strong friendly impression. They commented, "There is no women who would reject candies from a man with a great smile." Meanwhile, Lee Ki Kwang of B2ST placed 2nd with 97 votes and Kim Soo Hyun came in close third with 94 votes. Which celebrity would you like to receive White Day candies from? (Source: http://www.news.nate.com)