leeseunggi A video that captured the cast and directors of Gu Family Book after the day's shooting was released recently, gaining much attention from fans and viewers alike. In the above photos, Lee Seung Gi can be seen lingering around the food truck but without any food in his hands. In the video, Lee Seung Gi was pacing around the food truck commenting, "It looks so good," as others were enjoying the night snack. Even with coordinator trying to tempt him, the actor stood just drooling over the food in front of his face refusing to take a bite. When the food truck lady asked him, "Why don't you just take a bite," he politely told her, "No, I'm okay." Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi is much loved for his character, Choi Kang Chi, on Gu Family Book, and he continues to impress the fans with his increasing acting skills. Do you think he's on a diet? Or maybe he just wasn't hungry? (Source: http://www.news.nate.com)