Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi enlisted in the military on February 1 at Non San army training center in Choong Nam, Korea. Hundreds of fans gathered to send him off. 

Lee Seung Gi showed up in a casual outfit wearing a black parka and slacks. "I was told that short hair looks good on me," Lee Seung Gi said to fans and reporters, touching his newly shaved head. "I ended up going to the army late because of work. I'll do well there. Thanks for your love since my debut in 2004. I'll be back after my military duty." 

Over 200 fans from Korea, China, and Japan cheered, saying they will wait for him. Some even shed tears. Lee Seung Gi announced his enlistment through his new song I'm Going To The Army on January 21.


Prior to enlistment, his celebrity friends like actors Lee Byung Hun and Cho Seung Woo were sure to throw him a goodbye party. Psy, who wrote Lee Seung Gi's debut song Because You're My Girl, gifted him another song. The new song will come out in mid-February. Lee Seung Gi is scheduled to serve in the army for 21 months until October 31, 2017

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