Lee Seung Gi's latest album is a hit! The first single, "Return," has taken the number one spot on the Billboard Charts.  Two of his tracks have stayed within the top ten list as well. "Forest" took the number ten spot and "The Words That Say I Love You" was at number nine. Lee Seung Gi's gentle, sweet ballad pushed new comer Lee Hi's "1,2,3,4" to the number two spot. Her second single, "Scarecrow," follows close behind at number three, Juniel's "Bad Man" is in the fourth spot while Roy Kim's "October Rain" jumped from 15th to 5th. Ailee's "I Will Show You" is number six, number seven and eight are taken by Geeks'  "Officially Missing You, Too" and SISTAR’s "Soyou." Meanwhile, Noel’s "Things That I Couldn’t Say" is at number eight. Take a listen if you haven't already! I think "Forest" is my favorite. What's yours? Which track's music video are you waiting for?