One actor in, another actor out. Following the news of Kim Soo Hyun enlisting last week, Lee Seung Gi left the army base in north Chungcheong province on the morning of Tuesday, October 31. He greeted over 400 fans at the discharge ceremony. Scroll down to reveal what he said about his future plans!

At yesterday’s discharge ceremony, Lee Seung Gi greeted the fans he had missed so much. They had come out to see him early in the morning. He thanked them and said, “I’m worried (you guys) might catch a cold,” OSEN reported. He says discharge “doesn’t really feel real. I think it will hit me when I go home. I’m glad I finished the year and nine months (of service) without injury.”

He continued elaborating on the experience, saying it was one of the best moments of his life. He said, “On the one hand, the army seemed so hard. On the other, it wasn’t. I think it has helped me get mentally stronger.” Overall, the army seems to have instilled a positive attitude in the actor. Lee said, “I got a lot of positive energy (from the military). I’ll be back on screen as soon as possible.”

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Congratulations, Lee Seung Gi for returning safe and sound! Which genre of TV shows would you like to see him in? Share your ideas below!

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