Actor Lee Seung Gi was spotted with pretty bad dark circles, apparently frustrated with the 18-year-long relationship for his new film.

Lee Seung Gi attended the press release of his film Love Forecast and talked about the agony of liking one girl for 18 straight years, a girl who does not admit her love for him.

Lee Seung Gi’s debut film Love Forecast is a romantic comedy about a guy and a girl, who have had a thing for 18 years but have never gone out. Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won play the couple in the film. They appeared on the 139th episode of Running Man together.

Love Forecast premiered in January 14 in Korea. Can’t wait to see Lee Seung Gi on the screen? Watch King 2 Hearts, Lee Seung Gi’s popular romantic drama. The drama presupposes that South Korea still runs under constitutional monarchy. Lee Seung Gi stars as the Crown Prince of South Korea, and Ha Ji Won stars as the North Korean spy agent who’s been trained to kill him:

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