Sad news for fans of Lee Seung Gi and his currently airing drama You Are All Surrounded. It has just been announced that due to an injury to Lee Seung Gi's eye on set, filming has been postponed and episode 10 will be delayed.

On Monday, June 9, Lee Seung Gi was hit in the eye with a prop knife while shooting an action scene. He was immediately taken to the hospital and treated for hyphema, or bleeding in the eye. Even though Seung Gi was eager to return to the set, doctor's insisted he take time to rest and heal. Luckily, producers agreed that he should take some time off to get better, so this Wednesday fans will be treated to a special episode instead, and Thursday will resume with episode 10.

Take all the time you need, Lee Seung Gi, and come back to us feeling better than ever!