MV13Wc64 Lee Seung Gi is so dedicated to his role on Gu Family Book that he's working through cuts, scrapes and bruises when filming the drama. Because the drama is heavy with action sequences, Lee Seung Gi's performance has been physically demanding; he's had to fight a bunch of people at once, roll around on the ground to evade enemies, and even jump off roofs! At one point, while filming a scene where he fights off assassins, the actor sustained a pretty bad cut on the back of his hand, but those on set say he pushed through it admirably. Park Tae Young, the drama's producer, said, "Even though he′s bruised and suffering from injuries, he hasn′t been letting up. Lee Seung Gi′s passion and his action scenes will help the drama′s story become more convincing." What do you think of Lee Seung Gi in Gu Family Book so far? Are you compelled by his fight scenes? (Source: