gufamilybook During a recent press conference for Lee Seung Gi's Gu Family Book held at MBC Dream Center for his recent work, the actor openly talked about relationships, female celebrities, and marriage . During the interview, he expressed that he was very jealous of the celebrities that have recently come out with their relationship statuses. He revealed, "When I find the person I would like to marry, I wish that my partner and I will grow old like Yoo Dong Geun and Jun In Hwa. I want to be able to sustain my looks and a charming aura like them. I like the idea of a celebrity couple. They're not bad." However, the singer and actor revealed that he currently does not have any celebrity in mind when it comes to an ideal partner and believes that he is still too young. "Marriage is still far away," he says as he continues to admire his co-actor Yoo Dong Geun, who plays the part of Lee Soon Shin on Gu Family Book, for his charisma and the way his carries himself even as an older men. interview Personally, I won't be able to accept it if Lee Seung Gi came out with a girlfriend, but Suzy and him would make a great looking celebrity couple. Who do you ship Lee Seung Gi with? (Source: Nate & Star Ohmynews)