Lee Seung Gi is getting ready to serve his country. The Love Forecast actor recently received the official notice that he is required to enlist a month earlier than expected. In order to properly bid farewell to his fans on February 1, he decided to release a new song expressing his love for them.

Lee shared this heartfelt statement through his agency today: "I deeply thank everyone for always giving me undeserved love, and I will return as a real man. I didn't know when I would receive my enlistment notice so I was preparing to become a soldier in my heart. Because I am sorry that I'm not able to individually greet you all, I have put those feelings into a song."

His new single, titled "I'm Going To The Army," is all about telling that special person you love them before entering the military. The 29-year-old star also had this to say about his timely love song: "It's my story, but I hope that it will be a song that all soldiers-to-be, officers, and men of the armed forces and their families and friends can sympathize with."

The first time I saw Lee Seung Gi was in 2006 KBS2 series The Famous Princesses. It seems like just yesterday he was making his debut as a actor and singer, but now he is going on hiatus for his mandatory military service. I know Lee will be back before we know it; however, it's amazing just how fast time has flown by. The entertainment industry will definitely feel his absence.

While he is away, which Lee Seung Gi dramas and movies do you plan to watch again?

Watch Lee Seung Gi in the romantic comedy movie Love Forecast:

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