Will Lee Seung Gi enlist in March? The Love Forecast actor has recently been swept up in rumors that he is scheduled to begin his mandatory military duty around early spring. Thankfully, his agency, Hook Entertainment, set the record straight today. His representative explained that the 29-year-old star will be enlisting this year, but a March date is not set in stone. 

"He hasn't received a notice to enlist, so we don't know if he'll be enlisting in March. We're waiting for word from the Office of Military Manpower Administration. It's true that he'll be enlisting this year, but we're not sure about the exact timing."

On Lee's fan cafe website, the star recently wrote a heartfelt message to his beloved supporters about his impending military duty: "This will allow the fans who have supported Lee Seung Gi for over 10 years to recharge. So don't be too sad." 

"Don't worry too much, and I'll turn a blind eye even if you fall for another celebrity when I'm gone. When I return, come back to me."

Saying goodbye to your favorite South Korean male celebrities is never easy. However, Lee Seung Gi is trying to ease the pain by communicating with his fans until he leaves. While we anxiously await the official news, we can look forward to his upcoming period film with Shim Eun Kyung titled Marital Harmony. The movie is about a princess being forced to marry someone she has martial harmony with. It is scheduled for release in theaters sometime this year. 

Watch Lee Seung Gi in the romantic comedy Love Forecast:

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