Actress Lee Shi Young expressed her passion for her upcoming horror movie The Webtoon. She became one of the most sought after actresses since her role in the romantic comedy Clashes of the Families. However, she declined many offers from movie producers to work on a horror flick. She happened to read the script of The Webtoon, though, and got so immersed that she called the movie producers herself and volunteered to work on the movie.

“I could have worked for many other horror films, but this movie is so powerful and I was glad that I could express sincere feelings of the main character Ji Yoon. You know how I’ve only done romantic comedies. I’ve always wanted to try traditional, sincere roles, and it was a great opportunity for me to play a sincere role in this special genre.”

She also added that she likes this movie because the story is not predictable like other horror movies: “In this movie, I’m neither a ghost nor do I scream a lot. I didn’t want to do cliched horror movies. I tried to bring out  the sadness and hopelessness by focusing on the inner feelings of the character.”