Lee Si Young (My Beautiful Bride) is not only known for her dramas, but also, her natural beauty. For March's issue of Marie Claire, the actress shared her secret to a stunning body and lifestyle. How does she stay so beautiful? Read below to find out!

When asked about her natural beauty, Lee Si Young commented, "I run every morning. This is how I cope with loving myself as well as maintaining a healthy heart and body....I am also happy when I get to rest the next day after working out. It is truly breathtaking to see the sunrise while running."

The actress went on to share how she keeps her skin clear, "I use one pack daily and wear a face mask to sleep."

However, beauty takes a lot more than daily running and skin care. Lee Si Young attributes a lot of her accomplishments to her ambitious mindset, "Although there are times when I have to step out of my boundary, I always remind myself to keep a positive view on things and just keep pressing forth towards my goal." With this determined outlook, she takes on any challenges that come her way and does so with a sparkling smile. It really goes to show that beauty comes from the inside.

Want some more of Lee Si Young's beauty tips? Check out this March's issue of Marie Claire!

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Would you like some more beauty tips from Lee Si Young? Do you have any beauty tips or secrets that you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments below!


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