Shark's Lee Soo Hyuk and KARA's Hara were recently spotted dining together with their mutual friend, Hong Jong Hyun. The trio were reportedly enjoying a meal together at a Chinese restaurant in Seoul on the night of August 11th. As they left one by one, reporters managed to snap photos of both Hara and Lee Soo Hyuk, leading to a rise in rumors that the two were on a date and are more than friends.

This suspicion was especially fueled after an incident in July where the two were seen shopping together in Japan. At that time, both agencies were quick to deny any sort of relationship between the two, stating they were just friends.

Once again, both agencies responded with DSP Media simply stating, "Hara and Lee Soo Hyuk are not dating. They are just friends."

Sidus HQ, on the other hand, got a bit more aggressive, stating, "It's really funny, actually. It's embarrassing to even explain ourselves this time. The two of them are nothing more than friends... Hara is close with male models. Lee Soo Hyuk is just one of them. Also, the agency knew of this hangout. We hope that there are no unnecessary misunderstandings in the future."