Some grandparents would joke that their job is to spoil the grandchildren and then send them home. But what if the grandchildren don’t have a home to return to? What I’m saying is: get ready to cry. DramaFever Movie Night presents Stand by Me, starring veteran actor Lee Soon Jae as the grandfather, and the 11-year-old Jung Ji Hoon as the bratty grandson. Their relationship takes a number of predictable yet effective turns for the emotional buildup as the film progresses. Get a box of kleenex handy, because it’s going to be a real tear-jerker.


Deok Goo (Jung Ji Hoon, My Mister) is an adorable but hard-headed brat. In spite of being a good kid, he always gets into trouble because he doesn’t listen to others. He gets his stubbornness from his grandfather (Lee Soon Jae, Six Flying Dragons, The Scholar Who Walks the Night). Grandpa raises both Deok Goo and his sister after the siblings’ father dies and their mother betrays the family. Grandpa can’t do everything, but he works odd jobs and makes ends meet. It is a challenging time as the kids adapt to their new lifestyle. When Grandpa finds out that he won’t be with the kids much longer, he wants to find them a new home and give them a parting gift that will last forever. As he heads into the last chapter of his life and the kids enter a new one in theirs, they all learn the true meaning of having someone stand by you. Also known as “Deok Goo,” Stand By Me is written and directed by Bang Soo In. It released on April 5, 2018.



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Stand By Me

Starring Lee Soon Jae and Park Ji Yoon

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