Lee Sung Kyung loves her fans!

Earlier this month, the Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo actress jetted off to Hong Kong and Singapore to be apart of a scheduled LANEIGE event. She may have only been there to promote the cosmetics line, but the outpouring of love she received from her international fandom truly touched her heart. The 26 year-old actress was so upset she wasn't able to spend more time with her supporters, she shared a heartfelt message of gratitude via Instagram to everyone who attended the LANEIGE event for her..

"Hello! This time I visited Hong Kong and Singapore for the LANEIGE event. Many fans have long waited for meet me and I was extremely pleased and grateful for welcoming me. I was moved to tears. You're the best fans! Thank you so much for watching and loving drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo," she wrote enthusiastically.

"As you know I feel really bad and sorry because of my schedule I can't stay longer with you. I can't wait to meet you again. I really appreciate you for your endless support and love. I leave this short message with lots of thank and love to you. I LOVE you and THANK you! Swag!"

The South Korean beauty's schedule is booked this year with her usual modeling campaigns and exciting movies. She was the Korean dubbed voice of Poppy in the animated Trolls film, and she portrays Cha Yeon Hee in the upcoming dark film titled Broker. Kim Young Kwang and Im Ju Hwan also star in the movie about a politician's daughter being murdered. 

After she returns to Hong Kong and Singapore in the near future, which country would you like for Lee Sung Kyung to visit next? 

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Source: Lee Sung Kyung's Instagram


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