I loooove this guy! How could I not? Lee Tae-sung can be charming, sweet, adorable, hilarious, funny, and HOT! I loved how sweet, dedicated and in love he was with Su Ae in Bottom of the 9th with 2 Outs, and he cracked me up with his accent and Grease lightning hair in Playful Kiss. And now he has decided to come clean and reveal to us just who he is behind all those characters he played over the years.

Lee Tae-sung currently can be seen on MBC’s weekend drama, Hooray for Love, playing a philandering attorney, Byun Dong-woo. In an interview for the upcoming issue of the fashion magazine Sure, Lee revealed what his true personality is like to his fans. He may have had us rolling on the floor with his colorful character on Playful Kiss, or rolling our eyes at his womanizing character on Hooray for Love, but truthfully, the character he takes on in real life is a man of few words with a much quieter persona.

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