Director Lee Won Suk returns with the romantic comedy How to Use Guys with Secret Tips, set to premiere on Valentine's Day. The movie will star Lee Si Young, who plays the role of an assistant commercial director who is overworked and lacking a social life. Her late night duties leave her exhausted, without even enough time to wash her hair, and her dating life goes down the drain. She can't even remember the last time she went on a date! But everything changes when she uncovers a video that is a guide to understanding men.While shooting an outdoor scene, she finds Dr. Swalski's instruction manual videotape. The doctor (Park Yeong Gu) helps her turn heads on the street and even gets a top hallyu star, played by Oh Jung Se, to fall madly in love with her. Here's the trailer: So this raises the question, what kind of tips will be revealed in the video? She might be able to demand the attention men effortlessly with the secrets, but will she be able find a meaningful relationship? Do you have any tips for finding love? Share them with us in the comments below! (Source: