lee-yeon-hee-and-choi-jin-hyuk-gu-family-book A familiar face is returning to Gu Family Book tonight -- the lovely Lee Yeon Hee! It's been quite a while since she's appeared on the show -- she died in the second episode, if you've forgotten -- so this reappearance is quite special. On hand during the recent shoot was actress Yoon Se Ah, who took over the role (some people never die, ya know?). Yoon commented, "I was really impressed by episode 1 and 2. Lee Yeon Hee played the role of Yoon Seo Hwa very well so I felt a lot of pressure to continue the role." Episode 21 premieres tonight, June 17th, and judging by the pictures, her reunion with co-star Choi Jin Hyuk is not something to miss! lee-yeon-hee-gu-family-book-2 Source: http://www.soompi.com/2013/06/17/lee-yeon-hee-reunites-with-choi-jin-hyuk-on-gu-family-book/