It's more bad news from the set of Scholar Who Walks the Night. Yesterday, we learned that Lee Joon Ki broke his nose on set and had to undergo surgery. Now it has been confirmed that female lead Lee Yoo Bi injured her back in the same accident, and she is also in the hospital receiving treatment.

Both injuries reportedly occurred when the two actors fell together while filming. Lee Joon Ki immediately went to the emergency room for treatment on his broken nose, which will require a week to heal after yesterday's surgery. Today, the actor posted the following photo to his Instagram account with the caption "Thanks and Sorry ... Love.♡" There's nothing to be sorry about, Joon Ki!

Lee Yoo Bi's injury wasn't diagnosed immediately after the fall, but she later felt so much pain that she was unable to walk. According to a representative from her agency Sidus HQ, she was diagnosed with a herniated lumbar disk. The representative continued, "The hospital has suggested her to stay hospitalized for about 1-2 weeks. However, due to filming schedules, she has decided to focus solely on recovery for 2-3 days with medicine treatment. While she will try to return [to set] as soon as possible, we plan to check on her progress after focusing on treatment."

Now, I'm a big fan of shows starting on time, but if the hospital recommended 1-2 weeks of rest, Lee Yoo Bi shouldn't be rushing back to work within a few days! Wouldn't it be better to give them both a few extra days to recover rather than risk worse injury? But that's just me.

Because filming began fairly early in May, an MBC representative stated that they have enough footage for the series to premiere on time. Scholar Who Walks the Night is set to air in July following the conclusion of Jeju Island Gatsby. We hope the two leads both have a fast and full recovery!

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