Celebrity couple news garners attention for a lot of different reasons, but actress Lee Yoo Young and actor Kim Joo Hyuk are sending shock waves throughout the entertainment industry for quite an interesting story! The newly-formed couple has proven that age is really of no concern when it comes to love...bridging a 17-year gap with the announcement of their relationship. Just how did these love birds meet and what is it about each other that makes age not an issue? Read on to find out!

Simply put, it all started at work. Actress Lee Yoo Young (27) and actor Kim Joo Hyuk (44) met when they started working together on the set of Yourself and Yours. However, when the two stars announced that they have been dating for the past 2 months, it caught many by surprise. 

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Kim Joo Hyuk's label (Namoo) officially confirmed the dating news on December 13th and announced, "Actor Kim Joo Hyuk and actress Lee Yoo Young were good sunbae-hoobae and have recently turned into a couple. After checking with them, it's revealed that they've been dating for about 2 months and are continuing to grow their beautiful love. We sincerely request that you look at them with a positive perspective and give support."

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A fellow colleague stated, "They do have a big age gap but their personalities get along so well that you can't even feel the age difference. They became attracted to one another during movie filming and naturally became a couple."  

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Perhaps the surprise comes more from the age difference than their apparent attraction to each other, as it has also been reported that Kim Joo Hyuk and Lee Yoo Young have openly enjoyed dates.

Actor Kim Joo Hyuk has been acting since 1988, when he gained recognition in the drama Lovers in Prague, and actress Lee Yoo Young debuted in 2014 with the film Late Spring.

Congratulations to the new couple! We wish you much happiness!  

Do you think that age is an issue when dating? Let us know your thoughts below!


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