Lee Yoon Ji discussed her new life at the press conference for her upcoming OCN drama Doctor Frost yesterday. Lee plays character Song Sun in the drama about a cold, intelligent man who doesn't have a heart for others. She revealed she read writer Lee Jong Bum's webtoon extensively to study for her role in the show based on it.

Her new hubby even schooled her on the series. "When I inquired with my husband about Doctor Frost and writer Lee Jong Bum, he was knowledgeable on a few details. He offered me a lot of information about it." She continued with the following news about newlywed life: "It feels good being married. Honestly, it hasn't been long since I got married, so there wasn't much that changed. Nonetheless, I'm happy." 

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Lee concluded with, "Of course, there is a part of me that feels comfortable being married. My mother-in-law told me, 'When you're outside, forget about the fact that you're married and focus soley on acting.' I realized that I have good in-laws. I was touched to see that my new family is supporting me."

Lee co-stars with actor Song Chang UI in OCN's Doctor Frost. The series premieres on November 23 at 11PM KST.  

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