The Super Junior member is suffering for the second time in a row after his phone number was recently leaked to the public. Sasaeng fans have been flooding him with calls and text messages well into the night. Yesterday, the 33 year-old idol wrote a heartfelt message to his supporters on social media addressing the issue.

"Everything's fine, but please stop calling or messaging in the middle of the night. I think my number has been leaked overseas. I have to go record early in the morning. Please have pity on me and call me in the afternoon instead. Please," the Sexy, Free and Single singer pleaded on Instagram.

In 2012, he told the public that his personal information was exposed, and the police helped him investigate the matter. Hopefully, he can discover who gave his number out this time around and put an end to this invasion of privacy. True Elfs may be tempted to call if they had his number. However, I doubt they would consistently call and text him to disrupt his already busy life. Loving our stars starts with respecting them.

If you can't wait until his next comeback with Super Junior, relive their music videos on YouTube and their films Attack on the Pin Up Boys and I AM on DramaFever.

If you had access to your idol bias' phone number, what would you do?


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