Taiwanese drama series, In A Good Way, has risen in ratings and its popularity has gained a huge fandom. As the leading couple, Liu Chuan and Jia En, is getting closer, the actors Lego Lee and Kirsten Ren are also getting encouragement from fans to become a "real" couple.

In A Good Way has been like a breath of fresh air in its nostalgic retelling of college life in 1995 and the budding romance among young people who are getting their first taste of freedom when they move away from home. Jia En (Kirsten Ren), in particular, is a naive girl who grew up in the countryside and came to the big city to study. Liu Chuan (Lego Lee), on the other hand, is a college heartthrob who is also highly intelligent and considerate beyond his age.

How do these two develop their feelings for each other? Fans have been glued to the show and are finding surprising signs that foretell that Lego Lee and Kirsten Ren seem destined to be together. They see that Lego and Kirsten's facial features and expressions are very similar, an auspicious sign for good matchmaking of couples. Even Kirsten's dad and sister agree.

Kirsten and Lego certainly have been pretty open about their friendly relationship. Their interactions are so natural that they appear to be a real couple in life too. Recently, when she saw him munching on a mango fruit bar (yes, there is such a sweet dessert in Taiwan) she yelled, "I want a bite!" Lego immediately handed his fruit bar to her. On another occasion, he helped her put on a silver necklace, and she said this was the first time a guy put a necklace on her. Lego replied, "Yes, we have been having a lot of first times." If you recall, during the filming of the second episode, they spent a night together on the beach to catch the sunrise next morning. It was the first time for them in real life too.

To the fans' delight, Kirsten just revealed that she and Lego have been practicing dancing together for the show. She said they had to be really physically close to each other to practice their "inner connection." Hmm... I can't wait to see the dance appear in the next episode.

In A Good Way's next episode will be released on DramaFever this weekend. Stay tuned.