Huang Xuan is one of China's hottest leading men and is nicknamed "Nation's First Love". Why does the handsome Les Interprètes star lament about his dating life?

When asked about whether he was dating, Huang Xuan replied that not only he is too busy to date, his leading ladies have all been actresses who are married.

That's true. The handsome 30-year-old actor has had these lovely on-screen love interests: Cecilia Liu (Imperial Doctress), who is married to Nicky Wu (with their own amazing true love story;) Yang Mi, who is married to Hong Kong actor Hawick Lau; Sun Li, who is married to Deng Chao; and Zhou Xun, who is married to American actor and CSI hottie Archie Gao.

By admitting that fact, however, he inadvertently confirmed why actors tend to fall in love with co-stars, as they often don't have enough time to explore meeting other potential mates.

Huang Xuan also described his ideal type by saying, "I want to meet someone who can travel with me. It takes someone who has a strong rapport with me, based on similar values and compatible mental state, to travel with me, so that we'd make the same decisions to enjoy what to eat, where to say, and even who to meet during the travel. For instance, if I want to visit Bhutan, but she says there's nothing to do there, so let's go to New York. That just won't work out."

"Travel is also where the most direct experiences and impressions can reveal whether we can communicating to reach consensus, or simply crash on collision. If she has the same impression when encountering even a small detail, a simple scene, a short sentence, or a situation, we would be on the same frequency. If these basics can't be established, I don't think there's much more to talk about," added the actor who is well known for cultivating his own unique style in his choice of roles.

Okay, that's not asking too much, is it?

At least he doesn't sound as critical and demanding as the master interpreter in Les Interprètes.

He certainly has a charming smile:

Do you feel that you can meet Huang Xuan on the same frequency?

~ NancyZdramaland

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