Are you feeling withdrawal symptoms from the end of My Amazing Boyfriend? Don't worry—we already have a new addictive romantic C-drama coming tomorrow! Watch the latest trailers and behind-the-scenes footage from Les Interprètes, starring Huang Xuan and Yang Mi as two hard working interpreters in a love/hate relationship. 


Determined to become a French translator, Qiao Fei (Yang Mi) immerses herself in her studies. But when this competitive university student meets Cheng Jia Yang (Huang Xuan), a famous translator, she discovers a whole new side to French. In this love-hate relationship, can Qiao Fei and Huang Xuan master the language of love or are the barriers too incomprehensible?

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Trailer 3

Trailer 4

Behind the Scenes

Doesn't this show look like it will be the perfect blend of drama and romance?

Les Interprètes is coming to DramaFever on May 24. Add it to your queue now!


Les Interprètes - 翻译官

Starring Huang Xuan and Yang Mi

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