Here you are sitting in front of your computer screen slowing scrolling through shirtless photos of Daniel Henney in celebration of his 34th birthday, which is on Thanksgiving. Just think, while everyone is sitting around watching football, eating their third helping of turkey, and that one person in your family is telling the same stories he tells every year, you’re quietly giving thanks for the birth of Daniel and his talent for being shirtless. Let us now scroll and give thanks.

20. Your Body is Magic!

It's like I know he's wearing a shirt buttttt I just don't actually see it.

This coat serves no purpose. Please let it go, you're not even wearing it properly anyway.

18. Wake up a Millionaire, or Wake Up to Daniel Henney?

Decisions, decisions. But then again, it's not like he doesn't have a job (-_-).

17. You should have been a Shower Model if that even exists.

His jaw line, his arms, the fact that he's soaking wet...Thank you for this oppa, thank you.

16. Let's go jean shopping!

I'm sure you want to take his jeans off, but imagine the fun times to be had if he was modeling jeans in the dressing room! #TurnAround

15. White Jeans...

I just...they're so low cut! o_0

14. YES! You can have a back hug!

Obviously he's sitting in that position because he's in need of a back hug.

13. Ding Dong

"Who's there?" "Just Daniel Henney wearing my jacket open without a shirt and showing off my glistening chocolate abs and sexy jawline while my pants are barely holding up around my waist." Oh, hey Daniel one moment. *cries in a corner* (-_-)

12. Attitude

Ugh! Isn't he just looking at us like he knows just how hot he is and that we're about to claw the screen at any moment?! He's soo not mocking me but he is totally 100% mocking you.

11. The Belt

"Wow oppa I love your belt but I think it would look better if it was undone!" Har, Har, Har! #Truth

10. If only I were born a bottle of cologne

The reason is obvious.

9. Petition for Daniel Henney to become a Shower Model

THIS is why this job needs to exist. Let's make it happen! Umm, but just printing this photo out works too I suppose.

8. Like a Unicorn a Poem by KrisE

"Your long hair is like a Unicorn, so beautiful and magical all I want to do is stare, and maybe buy it some Mane and Tail so it can stay pretty forever and always. Oh, and being shirtless with long hair helps too." The End.

7. It's ok to cry

I mean really, how else should you react to everything going on in this photo? Those brows, the hair all sexy in his face, his lips, his body. The fact that he's looking right at you. I'm just happy you're still living to make it this far down the list to be honest.

6. He's by himself

Pretend she doesn't exist and that his um package is not pressed against her back and making this a slightly awkward photo. I feel awkward just commenting on it, let me stop, I'm done, think what you want, ok see you at number 5, don't talk to me about this. #HisPackageThough

5. Awesome as a photo...

4. Better as a gif!!! ^_^

3. Look!

He's in a towel, now scream!

2. So many reasons to be thankful

Daniel Henney wearing briefs and posing in this exposed position is one of those reasons.

1. I know it's Oppa's Birthday...

but it feels like it's my birthday too! #Printing

If you've made it this far then you should be thankful for still breathing. You should also be thankful for Daniel Henney who worked soooo hard over the years to take amazing shirtless photos such as these.

Have a happy Turkey Day and remember to save, print, and say thanks!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE