Jung Chae Yeon gets real.

The Let's Drink actress modeled exquisite pieces from award-winning fine jewelry brand Lamucha with elegant black and white ensembles for the latest issue of International bnt. In an exclusive interview with the fashion, beauty and entertainment publication, the I.O.I member talked about a variety of topics ranging from her newfound fame to her lifelong role models. 

After she appeared on Mnet's music competition program Produce 101, she went on hiatus from her original girl group DIA to be a part of the new girl group I.O.I. The double idol has literally shot to super stardom because of her appearance on the program, and she is recognized everywhere she goes. "Things are completely different now. Even if I cover up, people still recognize me," she said in response to a question about life before and after Produce 101. However, she credits her "positivity, energy, power, and perseverance" as her strong points. 

Jung is beyond flattered to be nicknamed the "2nd generation Suzy," and she even lists the Miss A member as one of her role models. "I feel really honored to be called that. I think it's because I have that fresh look that Suzy had when she debuted....As a singer, S.E.S; I want to become a legendary group like them...As an actor, Jun Do Yeon and Suzy.

She added, "In middle school, we were asked to write down our role model, and I wrote Jun Do Yeon. I wanted to become an actress and I dream about becoming a Queen of Cannes. And I also want to become talented in multiple areas like Suzy."

She is doing an amazing job playing the snotty and clueless student on Let's Drink. Her self-made love triangle with Ki Bum and Gong Myung was so hilarious. What do you think about Jung's quirky yet lovable character on Let's Drink


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