Park Ha Sun had to deal with the haters before stardom!

Every week we have been delighted by Park's portrayal of the bright and optimistic Ha Na on Let's Drink. Despite the disapproval of the students and the mishaps she gets herself into, the Korean language instructor is determined to excel and just be happy. Who knew the pretend rejection on-screen hit so close to home?  

In a recent interview with KBS 2TV's Entertainment Relay, Park Ha Sun discussed how one television appearance was life-altering.

The 28 year-old actress was a guest on the variety program Golden Bell when she was in high school. During the show, the writers told her to say this comical line, ""Announcer Kim Bo Min unni has been annoying me for a bit. She keeps pretending that she's pretty." Unfortunately, her fellow classmates took her seriously and decided to make her pay for the comment.

"I was told to say that line by the writers of the show at the time. After the broadcast, people in school that didn't know the story bullied me, " Park explained,

Children can be cruel! I'm glad she was able to overcome that difficult period in her life and become the great actress she is today. Her portrayal of Ha Na is so likable you can't help but what to be her best friend. 

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