Our story gets interesting as we learn more about the backgrounds of our lonely characters. Jun Suk and Ha Na start to recognize their growing feelings and fight them. Teachers Jin Yi and Jin Woong’s lives take a turn for heartbreak. And Kibum is learning what jealousy means. Join Drama Debussie, DeShonda and I, Wendilynn as we discuss these new developments over a glass of soju in Let’s Drink.

Drama Debussie: Finally, FINALLY we have some movement on the lovelines! *starts slow claps* As much as I love the mellow pace of this drama, I was starting to wonder when some big things were going to happen for these characters. I appreciate that we’ve finally started exploring each character's motivations which are moving them forward. Especially for our young guys. After all that complaining, turns out Ki Bum was one of the many Chae Yeon admirers. Dude, what?!


Wendilynn: Kibum’s storyline had me rolling. To learn that he was the "Idiot of Noryangjin” was hysterical. He just kept it up the whole way, too. First, it was sort of a surprise that he had confessed early on and been rejected. We should have guessed since he was so antagonistic. But after the stalker incident, we really got to see how deep his feelings really were. And him jealous was… was…. *chuckles* so good.

DeShonda: It’s about time the romance started to amp up a bit and I’m enjoying what I am seeing. I had a good time watching Ki Bum’s storyline as well. I was not surprised that he had a crush on Chae Yeon at all. I could tell that even though he acted like he despised her, deep inside he really had feelings for her. I was hoping that he was not the “Peeping Tom” taking pictures of Chae Yeon. That was very creepy.

LDe10  master.jpg

Drama Debussie: I’ll admit I got a little nervous when Gong Myung and Chae Yeon started studying together. Ha Na had finally put down the hammer, crushing his dreams of him one day being her boyfriend and I assumed Chae Yeon would be his rebound crush but nope. Turns out Chae Yeon was saddled with her own little crush on him. I can’t blame her but just like Gong Myung’s crush on Ha Na, Chae Yeon’s crush was doomed from the start. Not that I’m complaining. I’m still rooting for Chae Yeon and Ki Bum but I think her crush on Gong Myung is to get her out the mindset that every guy is out to distract her from her goals. It will hopefully also give Ki Bum time to grow up a little bit. We seem to be getting a softer, more vulnerable Chae Yeon and I like it.

Wendilynn: I also like softer Chae Yeon. She needs friends. To learn she had cut off all her friends to focus seems harsh until she explained how many times she’d been rejected for work. For such a hard, dedicated worker, I feel a little surprised she couldn’t find a job. I think her time with Gong Myung will help her unfreeze a little. Until she does that, she won’t be open to Ki Bum’s attitudes at all. And considering how much he’s clearly in love with her, I’m rooting for them. As fun as their story has been, we’ve had Jin Woong’s heartbreaking story with his mother’s Alzheimer's. I’m glad everyone rallied around him once they learned the truth. Having the director go clean up dishes was the loving touch he really needed so he could finally cry.

LDe10  compassion.jpg

DeShonda: I also love seeing this softer side of Chae Yeon. I was glad to see some backstory on her as well. I was also surprised that she could not find a job because she is so dedicated. I really want her and Ki Bum to be a couple because I think they would compliment each other so well. But I can also see her with Gong Myung too. Oh my favorite Comic Relief Jin Woong really pulled at my heartstrings this week. I was curious about his behavior from the very first episode and always wondered why he would have to leave all of a sudden. But it was for a good reason and that’s being a good son and taking care of his mother. I was very happy that he had everyone rally around him during this difficult time because he is really alone now. Everything about his comic behavior makes sense now.

Drama Debussie: I have to say I’m very impressed with the delicate way we’re being allowed access into the layers of loneliness that Jin Woong deals with on a regular basis. The argument could be made that the initial indications that he wanted to escape his reality was the fact that he took on so many fictional characters but now knowing what he was dealing with so quietly you can’t really blame him. It’s going to be interesting to watch him adjust to his new life that doesn’t include his mother, the last remnant of family he had. For such an entertaining character, his story sure is sad! Makes you wonder how the heck Jung Suk finds ways to be so bitter and judgmental when he doesn’t have to deal with anything close to what Jin Woong has!

Wendilynn: Jung Suk dealt with the betrayal of his colleagues over and over again and shut himself down from everyone. His family is fine, he had no reason to open up again. Just when it looked like he was going to warm up a bit, he hit new levels of asshole in episodes 9 and 10. All that lame status talk about who was good enough for whom. Let’s face it, in the human being department, he’s not good enough for Ha Na. But, then he got his “date” with a high quality woman and oh boy look at how that turned out. Not only was she boring… but then she went crazy to boot. That girl needs to find some middle ground. BTW… crazy sister-in-law was played by Jun So Min who is currently playing opposite our jerk as the female lead in the reboot for One Percent of Something. I just may have to go check that out now. *lol*

LDe10  crazy.jpg

DeShonda: All I can say about Jung Suk is be careful what you wish for my friend. He wanted a “high quality” woman and that is just what he got. That fight scene between the two of them cracked me up. I knew this was not going to work out when they were first introduced. He is covering up his feelings for Ha Na big time and trying to make her jealous and in turn hurting her feelings.He is getting kind of annoying with his “I’m better than you” attitude.I have a feeling that his attitude is going to change soon and I look forward to seeing his behavior. Also our lead in this drama Ha Suk Jin is playing the lead in One Percent of Something so I know I will be checking that drama out as well.

Drama Debussie: I’m so tired of Jung Suk and his petty, elitist attitude. He consistently took his denial of his feelings for Ha Na to varying levels of insulting and mean. It now makes it hard for me to like him but I’m still hoping the show will somehow make up for it by making him pay for his attitude because it’s not okay. Regardless of the betrayal he’s experienced, there was no excuse for how he treated Ha Na. I mean, he threw her out the car and left her on a bridge. Come on! His only saving grace is how caring he was when he was doing things for her “for the sake of his joint class” so at least we know he’s capable of not being jerk. He even had dinner and drinks with her so there is definitely a human in there. Somewhere.


Wendilynn: That’s why I said he had no reason before to open up. He’s only ever cared for himself before. Now that’s changing and he clearly doesn’t know how to deal with it. When he dumped Ha Na off at the bridge, I sort of wish she had decked him the following day. As it is, getting drunk with Jin Yi was highly entertaining. Exactly where did they go? What sort of place has a dance floor and then a group sing along to every breakup song in Korea? Lol I felt bad for them, but it just kept getting funnier and funnier. And then when she woke up the next morning. Oh my gosh. Lol

DeShonda: I was so mad at Jung Suk when he left Ha Na on the bridge. That was so mean and he didn’t have to treat her like some trash you throw out on the street. That entire scene with Ha Na and Jin Yi was very funny! I enjoyed watching them at the noraebang. It was very entertaining indeed.

LDe9  drunk.jpg

Drama Debussie: You know you’ve had an interesting night of drinking when you wake up the next morning thinking you’ve gotten kidnapped. Of course you know Jung Suk has had an interesting night of drinking when he comes to Ha Na’s door finally admitting he likes her. Granted, he was very drunk but it’s out there. It happened!

Wendilynn: So… bets on how he tries to deal with this the following morning? I’m betting on him trying to ignore it, like it never happened.

DeShonda: He is going to deny it big time and poor Ha Na will probably be blamed for it and get yelled at by “Mr. High Quality.”

LDe10 confession.jpg

Drama Debussie: If anything, there’ll just be more interoffice awkwardness to pile on top of the interoffice awkwardness we already have. Oh, and more misunderstandings. Because this show loves misunderstandings. These characters still haven’t mastered the art of communication without being intoxicated so I’m thinking we’ll still get all the craziness we’ve gotten so far.

Wendilynn: Communication is not their strong suit. I’ve never seen a tighter lipped group of people in my life. You know, when his confession happened in Ep 10 I had to smile. A couple years ago you could almost time when the confession and kiss would show up. Always, without fail happened in Ep 10. If we were lucky we got it at the tail end of Ep 9. Then they ditched that for awhile, so when he hugged and confessed to her in Ep 10 I was sort of happy to see this particular story trope show up. I don’t know why it made me smile, but there was almost a nostalgia feel for me that this show is running a little old school.

DeShonda: I was happy to see a confession as well. It was very cute and I agree with you Wendilynn, it does remind me of an old school drama and I like that.

Drama Debussie: It does give you a feeling of some old school dramas. The ones that are in no hurry and concentrate on the characters’ lives and what makes them, well, them. It’s a welcome throwback, that’s for sure. 

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