Class is in session, fellow drinking soloists! Welcome to another week of the Let's Drink Drama Club. After the introduction of our rather quirky characters, we're getting into the nitty-gritty and the overwhelming awkwardness of it all.  

Wendilynn: For a show about a bunch of people who use drinking to escape the hardships of daily life, there is a lot of humor in this show. Whether they are being adorable or pathetic, there is just something so likeable about them all. I also realized that they are all, with a couple of exceptions, are using some form of their name as their character names.

Drama Debussie: That’s very true about the names. It’s very sitcom-y lol. I have to say these characters are having to grow on me. They’re all one extreme or the other. Park Ha Na is adorable but the way she sacrifices herself for others who don’t really appreciate it gets a little frustrating. Although, I understand why she’s been written that way. Jin Jung Suk is thoroughly convinced that every human being is self serving and it’s hard to prove him otherwise which is where Ha Na plays a perfect role. No matter how hard he tries he has to begrudgingly admit that Ha Na is an exception.

DeShonda: I must say that these characters are growing on me as well. I think that Park Ha Na is so adorable as well. I agree that her character can be a little annoying, but I know that she will stand up for herself a bit more. Jin Jung Suk is a very interesting character to me in the fact that he embraces loneliness. He can be a bit harsh to those around him at times, but I am hoping that we see a more softer side of him that is less anti-social.

Wendilynn: You can’t blame Jung Suk for feeling the way he does. How many dramas do we see where you have to bribe/kiss butt your senior to get anywhere? Even the team tried to bribe him and flatter him to get Ha Na on the joint class team. I’ve seen several dramas where a person was doing research and before they could publish it, their mentor came in and took it as their own and they were expected to just give it up. Which is what happened to Jung Suk. So I can’t really blame him for hating the world, so to speak. I do like that he keeps tripping over his own tongue where she is concerned. He slams her with insults, never lets her explain, and then only later finds out that he totally misinterpreted the reality of the situation. Then he expects her to apologize to him for his misunderstanding. I could only shake my head and think what a piece of work this jerk is. Lol But, then he has his moments where you see the gentle soul underneath all that wind and piss.

Drama Debussie: You know what we’re missing between Jung Suk and Ha Na? COMMUNICATION! Granted, that seems to be a missing component in most dramas, but considering it’s such an easy element to establish between these two, it gets frustrating. Especially when other people around these two get involved. Seriously, I love the other teachers but please, PLEASE stop helping! Every time they do everything gets worse. Of course, whenever they do try to help it leads to a misunderstanding that ultimately pushes the two closer so... Actually, help all you want Teacher Squad! Go forth and create mischief! Go! Go!

DeShonda: Yes! You were thinking the exact same thing I was Debussie. Jung Suk and Ha Na need to clearly communicate a lot more. I know that Ha Na’s co workers mean well, but when they are getting involved in between her and Jung Suk it doesn’t seem to go well. They are doing more harm than good and I don’t think they realize it. And I agree with you, the mistakes made by the co-workers are bringing Jung Suk and Ha Na closer together which is a good thing.

Wendilynn: LOL, DD. Well, in their defense, they are just trying to do what everyone else does, so they don’t understand that they are doing the worst possible thing ever. I was cracking up on the Signal theme for our dear Professor Min and then he dressed up as Lee Byung Hun for the conference and that was just so funny. I’m getting a kick out of his character.

Drama Debussie: He is, admittedly, a lot of fun in spite of the whole going home at specific times. Seriously, what is that?! I’m probably just annoyed because I secretly hate to see him leave. He’s just so much fun. Speaking of fun, I was thoroughly entertained by our three young guys this week. So much so that I think they deserve a squad name. The Three Su-too-jis? The Three Babos? Meh. I’ll work on it. Anyway, they always bring an unexpected adventure our way and then cap it off with more than a few bromance moments. Any friends that will hunt down another friend for fear that he’ll actually follow through on a suicide threat due to his recent breakup are true friends. Precious.

DeShonda: He is one of my favorite characters. He really brings the comic relief to this drama that is needed. I am looking forward to the next drama he will impersonate next. I love watching our three young students this week. They definitely deserve a squad name. It’s so sad that one of the young men is going through a rough breakup and attempting to study for a very important exam too only adds pressure. I was hoping that he would not do anything to hurt himself. I was even more happy that not only was he alright, Ki Bum and Gong Myung were concerned about him and went out looking for him. I just love how close these three are with one another. I support this bromance and I hope they stick together.

Wendilynn: Kibum cries so easily for all his bravado. He really cares about his friend. However, I found it funny that after they were pretty sure he wasn’t serious anymore, they took him to the beach and basically dared him to go through with it. Just to make sure he knew he didn’t want to. These guys make me laugh every time.

Drama Debussie: I’m already grateful Gong Myung has friends like them because his burgeoning crush on Ha Na will likely not end well and he’ll need friends like Ki Bum and Dong Young to deal with it. Nevertheless, I see why he’s falling head over heels in love with her. Not only is she adorable but what she may lack in having a degree from a prestigious school and experience, she more than makes up with optimism and an ability to relate to her students’ feelings of failure and a desperate want to do better. She also knows how important an encouraging word can be, even if most of the encouraging words she hears comes from her bestie, her phone.

DeShonda: I was thinking the exact same thing. I think it’s cute that Gong Myung likes Ha Na, but I have a feeling that this may not be a happy ending that he expects. I predict that Gong Myung will be the one crying from a heartbreak and as you mentioned, he will need his friends as a shoulder to lean on. But I do like Gong Myung and Ha Na together. The both of them have similar personalities.

Wendilynn: Gong Myung has no one telling him he’s worth it. No wonder he has no desire to finish anything. Nobody believes in him but Ha Na. The kids are all suffering from lack of desire because there is no emotional payoff for them to bother trying.

Drama Debussie: Very true. All these kids have basically been discarded by their families all because of a test. Smh. I will say that of all the kids, I’m particularly intrigued by Jung Chae Yeon. It’s easy to see how Ki Bum could find her self-absorbed when knowing her from a distance, but I don’t get self-absorbed from her. Sure, she may be confident but from her I get focused. I get a young woman who has her priorities straight because failure is not an option. She doesn’t have time for nonsense but seeing that Ki Bum loves nonsense, it’s easy to see why she turns him off. FOR NOW! The secret is that these two seem very similar. All the way down to their catchphrases.

DeShonda: I agree with you Debussie. I find Jung Chae Yeon very interesting as well. As you mentioned she is focused on her studies and not about playing games at all. I was thinking that her and Ki Bum will probably develop feelings for eachother because they have much more in common than they realize.

Wendilynn: Yup, Kibum is headed for a crush on her, I’m sure. I also got focused. She probably has guys falling all over her so it doesn’t faze her. She knows how fake it is and she has no time to play dumb blond for their enjoyment. At least, that’s how I read her.

Drama Debussie: I’m kinda all about her even though we know very, VERY little about her. I think the fact that she seems not to care what others think about her is a selling point for me. She’s not there to make friends. You know, in a very non-reality competition show kind of way.

DeShonda: I am hoping that we get some backstory on her as well. She is the complete opposite from the other students and that is what makes her character unique to me.

Wendilynn: Which makes me wonder why she is not in Jung Suk’s class. I’m waiting for Ha Na to get a chance to grow her skills. I was sort of hoping she would grow them organically. Without the help of Professor Jerk and then show him. Lol

Drama Debussie: We’ve got a long way to go, so you never know. Right now I’m wondering how Jung Suk’s HILARIOUS falling into bed with Ha Na is going to change their dynamic. I’m sure she won’t remember because, you know, alcohol but Jung Suk probably hasn’t been in an intimate situation with someone since forever. You can see it got to him. I’m not excited about how much more awkward it’ll possibly be between them because of this but I’d rather that be the cause of awkwardness instead of silly misunderstandings in the form of wet wipes and gift certificates.

DeShonda: That scene between Jung Suk and Ha Na had me cracking up. This is an awkward situation for the both of them and I wonder what both of their reactions will be afterwards. Awkward is the only word that comes to mind at this point. But it’s obvious that he cares about her, he is just not showing his feelings as of yet. This is going to get interesting.

Wendilynn: She kept tugging on his sympathy this week. How she responds to compliments, how she cried on his back in our obligatory drunk piggyback. You could just see him melt.. However unwillingly.

Drama Debussie: Oh, Jung Suk. You don’t stand a chance.

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