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Let's Drink (Drinking Solo)

Starring Ha Suk Jin and Park Ha Sun

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Drama Debussie: I think it’s far to say this week’s episodes were brought to us by the word tsundere which, if you don’t know, is a Japanese term that describes a character who is initially cold and hostile toward another character but eventually displays a warmer side. Our heroine had quite a bit of fun with this one, and I would too because it perfectly sums up Jung Suk. Actually, it perfectly sums up most of the heroes in dramaland. My only question is when exactly will we be getting Jung Suk’s warmer side?!

DeShonda: Yes I knew the meaning of tsundere and you are so right that it is a perfect definition of Jung Suk. I was wondering the same thing about Jung Suk. When will we see his warmer side? I think this side of him is coming out a little bit though. He is starting to be interested in Ha Na and I think it’s cute. Every now and then we will catch him thinking about her and smiling a little bit, and he is very interested in what she posts on his Instagram about his food and drink pictures as well. I have a feeling that he is going to fall head over heels for Ha Na when it’s all said and done.

Drama Debussie: We can only pray. It is pretty hilarious seeing him going through the rollercoaster that leads to the eventual realization that he cares about Ha Na. It’s all so new to him and he responds to his burgeoning feelings in a expectedly confusing way. He goes from giving advice harshly, to scolding himself for feeling guilty about Ha Na fainting, and ultimately planning something devious because he hears a man answer Ha Na’s phone. Dude, your way of crushing on someone is dangerous!

DeShonda: He does express his feelings very strangely. It’s almost like he is trying to hide his feelings for her. He is such a private person who enjoys being alone, I am wondering how he would be on a date with someone. He was acting very jealous when Ha Na got the phone call from someone else. One person who does not have any problems expressing his feelings for Ha Na is Gong Myung. I do think it’s rather cute that he has a crush on her and everytime she is in trouble he is always there to save her. It was cute how he was worried about her when she fainted, when her apartment was flooded he was there to help her, and when she was so drunk she couldn’t stand up straight, Gong Myung was always right there to take care of her. But I know this is going to cause some problems when he discovers his brother also has a crush on her. Someone is going to be brokenhearted for sure.

Drama Debussie: Our baby is in for a world of pain for sure! I do appreciate that he’s fully dedicated to this crush. He’s so dedicated that he’s happy to settle for just being her favorite student if only to make sure he can stay close to her. I’m sure he hopes to one day be promoted from favorite student to favorite young boyfriend but I just don’t see that happening. Not just because Ha Na isn’t interested in crossing that line but also because it seems she’s feeling some things for Jung Suk as well. I’m not exactly sure how that happened after the way he’s treated her so far, but we all know Ha Na is a lot more forgiving than maybe she should be. My only issue is that if she will indeed have a relationship with Jung Suk later on down the line, she has to get out of this habit of looking for approval from him or anyone else.

DeShonda: I don’t see how Ha Na has become interested in Jung Suk either, and as you mentioned, he has not been very nice to her. She is a very forgiving person, even Gong Myung mentioned that to he in the conversation they had in the car. He was saying the words I have been thinking, she needs to stand up for herself more and be a little less forgiving. For example when her co-worker gave her that herbal medicine which she had an allergic reaction to. I knew he meant well and was trying to help but it made her faint while teaching her class and take an unexpected trip to the emergency room. She should be somewhat sore at him, but Ha Na has such a forgiving heart. I just want her to be a little bit stronger and have more confidence, as Gong Myung mentioned as well.

Drama Debussie: Exactly. I have to admit I have my moments where I think, “Poor No Geu Rae -- I mean, Ha Na…” but then I immediately think she kind of brings this on herself. She can’t always be depressed about her lack of experience or accolades when she constantly sacrifices opportunities so that less-deserving people can take advantage of those opportunities instead. Her want to help and make people happy is admirable but living a life for others will take a toll on anyone. She also needs to understand that these people she’s sacrificing for are simply trying to fill the loneliness that they feel within and she’ll never be able to fill that hole in someone else.

DeShonda: You are so spot on with everything you mentioned Debussie. Speaking of loneliness, almost all of our characters were experiencing some form of it this week. Poor Ki Bum, I felt so sorry for him when he was crying in the rain. He really wants to be a good grandson and he cares and loves his Grandmother. I am just happy that he is finally taking his studies seriously and not playing around so much. Ki Bum had me cracking up when when the Minho fangirls were after him, but in a way I felt sorry for him too. But then again, he bought that drama onto himself. Also “Mr. Comic Relief” Min Jin Woong pulled at my heartstrings this week as well. From the beginning I was questioning who his wife was, and we finally found out this week. I was shocked at how he was living as well. The way he carries himself I just expected him to be in some lavish apartment or loft. He is more lonely than I thought he would be. I guess you never know what goes on behind the scenes with some people. But a romance may be around the corner for him.

Drama Debussie: You’re right, Ki Bum absolutely brought the fangirl debacle on himself. Word to the wise: Never, EVER go head-to-head with fangirls. You will lose every time. It’s interesting to find out that Ki Bum, Mr. “The Test is a Marathon”, isn’t exempt from familial pressure to pass the test. It’s true that you can’t judge a book by its cover. With the fear of sounding like a singer-songwriter with a guitar, I’m tempted to call these episodes “Layers of Loneliness” because that’s what we ultimately got. I loved finally seeing how deep the friendship between Ki Bum and Dong Young truly is and I especially loved how Gong Myung tried to pull a “Love Actually” with Dong Young during his self-imposed friend break. I think their friendship and Jin Woong’s rather interesting attachment to his dog is proof that these characters are simply trying to fill their loneliness just like anyone else no matter how it may seem on the outside. Of course I’m really, REALLY hoping Ki Bum will try to fill his with the romance you mentioned. Not like I needed another reason to love Chae Yeon but the fact that she takes her love for SHINee’s Minho just as seriously as I do is a major plus. Ki Bum, open your eyes and get this girl now!

DeShonda: I thought it was so cute when Chae Yeon went out to comfort Ki Bum when he was sad. I was thinking to myself, I like to see this softer and caring side of her. I really want her and Ki Bum to have a romance because they have a lot in common and I think they would compliment eachother very well. I knew the friendship break between Dong Young, Ki Bum, and Gong Myung would not last long. I need this bromance to stay together no matter what and I enjoy seeing them together. All three of them need each other for support no matter what.


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