It’s all happening! Our characters are making some huge breakthroughs and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Love confessions, love confession doubts, dealing with new levels of loneliness, and understanding the misunderstood. We’re entering a brand new world with new possibilities and it’s a bumpy ride. Thank goodness we have alcohol and food to make the ride a little smoother.

Wendilynn: There were a couple of points that stood out for me this week. One, our people are really lonely. And two, Key is a comedic gem. Between his goofiness with JoKwon and his food porn at the beginning of episode 12, I was done. Lol Watching him eat interesting experience and I usually don’t react to people eating like that. And I laughed myself silly with him teasing poor JoKwon in the alleyway. That goofy run and throwing his head back at the car just slayed me.

Drama Debussie: Lol Key has certainly kept this show running like a fine tuned machine. Especially with his one-sided love for Chae Yeon. He’s so in love he doesn’t even see that she’s completely crushing on Gong Myung but it’s cute to see him do special things for her even if they go unnoticed. He finds happiness in doing seemingly minor things for her and that’s adorable. I’ll take a good horseback ride any day and we were certainly given one. Speaking of one-sided loves, I was almost (ALMOST) Team Gong Myung this week when it comes to Ha Na. I know. I KNOW!

DeShonda: Jo Kwon was cracking me up too. I really loved his character this week and it was the comic relief I needed. Key had me cracking up laughing at the start of the episode as well. I think it's cute he likes Chae Yeon so much that does not know how to act. I loved how he went out of his way to make Chae Yeon's birthday special.  I felte same way you did too Debussie. I was almost team Gong Myung and Ha Na too. I just think that it's so cute that he has crush on her. 

Wendilynn: I’m totally with you, he was so adorably sweet to her this week. Any more of that and it could turn a girls head. You know… if his older brother hadn’t decided to face his feelings head on. I was not expecting him to surrender so easily. I really was expecting him to keep to his arrogance and try to deny his feelings some more. But nope, he didn’t do that. He recognized he liked her and so went with it. And learned some sad things about himself in the process. That hurt look on his face when he found out his nickname pulled at me. I didn’t really want to like him, but his willingness for self reflection seemed so out of left field. Until they really went into his backstory and you find out that he used to be a good guy once upon a time.

Drama Debussie: Yeah, the way he dived right into his feelings for Ha Na after making his drunken confession was...interesting. I even thought to myself, “Man, Jin Suk, you are getting soft on us!” We had been given hints that he had been screwed over royally in the past but to be screwed over by someone you admire so greatly just because they felt threatened by the potential they encouraged in you? Ouch. I don’t know if I totally excuse Jin Suk’s behavior toward Ha Na for the majority of the time we’ve gotten to know him, but I do think Ha Na needs someone who can give her a dose of reality from time to time. Jin Suk is harsh but that doesn’t mean the things he says are wrong. There’s nothing wrong with helping people, but allowing others to take advantage of opportunities that were meant for her only leaves her in a stagnant state and she deserves to grow to her full potential.

DeShonda: I had a feeling that there was a reason behind Jin Suk's attitude. So finally seeing his backstory bought some things to light for me. I was glad that he finally revealed his feelings for Ha Na, but it might be too little, too late. Karma is coming back around and he is learning that being on the other side is not good. But I agree with everything that you said Debussie. I don't excuse his behavior as well. I just want to see Ha Na be more aggressive. 

Wendilynn: She does need to toughen up, that is true. And Jin Suk I think can help her do that. Especially after that incident with that other teacher. Wow, what a witch. Jin Suk really did put her in her place in that elevator. He was such a conundrum this week. You had his gentle, self-reflection moments, and then you had his royal asshole moments. I mean, he can still be a real jerk. His complete selfishness in picking class times sort of left me speechless. I was like, “Wow, you jerk”. There is just no middle ground with him.

Drama Debussie: NONE. AT. ALL. I guess that’s why I find myself more than slightly frustrated with him. One day he’s a jerk, the next he’s overly sweet. There’s a name for this kind of behavior and many doctors prescribe pills for it. Nevertheless, I think I appreciate that it seems he’s all in with Ha Na and she deserves that much. I think there are going to be moments where he’s going to be absolutely infuriating and ridiculous (See: next week’s preview) but Ha Na seems to be someone who can deal with his quirks so I can see why this may work better than I thought it would. The real issue is when 1) Gong Myung finds out she’s dating his brother and 2) she finds out they’re brothers. Whew, how in the hell are they going to figure that out with the little time we have left?!

DeShonda:  He can be a bit frustrating because he goes back and forth with is emotions. I am also wondering what will Gong Myung's reaction will be and what will Ha Na's reaction will be. Things could get a bit messy in the next few episodes. 

Wendilynn: You know, I really was expecting more arrogance from Jin Suk about his feelings for Ha Na. When she started giving him the cold shoulder and pulling away, I was expecting him to pull the “I don’t know why she is being cold” stunt that arrogant character’s usually play. They will even go so far as to try to get the hurt party to apologize to them for some petty reason. But he didn’t do that even once. He totally understood that he had screwed up, that he had hurt her and that nothing he was trying to do to say “sorry” was going to be good enough. He really had crossed a line in hurting her. So when it got to the end of ep 12, and they had that self reflecting, gentle moment leading up to their kiss, my heart fell hard. He so recognized that he had hurt his chances with her, apologized and started to walk away. So when she pulled him close, it was her way of accepting his apology.

Drama Debussie: He better thank his lucky stars that she’s so understanding and forgiving. Granted, she finally had some insight on why he is the way he is, so maybe he should be thanking his co-workers for telling her his backstory. I have to admit that I didn’t appreciate the other instructors in the beginning because they caused so many misunderstandings, but the more we find out about them, the more relatable they seem. While their personal lives may be the side stories, their struggles with loneliness are so poignant. Jin Yi’s failed relationship, the boss’s pressure-filled home life, and Jin Woong’s personal loss bring a sense of humanity to the show making it more than just finding solace in food or alcohol. Their stories, while sad, have become a highlight for me because they’re real.

DeShonda: Exactly! I was thinking that he is lucky that Ha Na has a forgiving heart. The other instructors are very much relatable and that's what I like about them and their stories. All of them really have heartbreaking stories. My comic relief Jin Woong losing his mother just breaks my heart. I really feel sad what he is going through and he is alone. All of these characters need each other more than they realize. I just hope they continue to stay a close tight knit group that supports each other.

Wendilynn: I agree with you. These really are good characters. They seemed sort of silly in the beginning. Just there to provide comic relief, but they have depth and character. Jin Woong’s heartbreak over his mother’s death and finally having just one item that can remind him of his mother made me cry. The Director went from seeming harried and silly to caring and stressed out by his thoughtless family. Jin Yi’s coming to the realization that her boyfriend will never married her needed to happen. I just wish she didn’t feel so desperate about it. She’s a beautiful woman and was tolerating a jerk in the hopes of getting married. She needs to value herself more.

Drama Debussie: Preach. I’m really rooting for all of them. I may be rooting for them more than I am for our main couple! Not necessarily out of pity, but because they’re just trying to survive in spite of the hardships just like all of us. It’s impossible to not root for them and to want to see good things come their way. 

Are you Team Gong Myung or Team Jin Suk? Let us know in the comments below! 

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