What’s your favorite summer food? The mukbang series Let’s Eat 3 is gearing up for Monday’s premiere, ready to explore the best summer eats in Korea. Highlight’s Yoon Doo Joon will return to the franchise for a third time and resume his food journey with his college crush played by Baek Jin Hee. Let’s hear from the actors, director, and screenwriter on why Let’s Eat 3 should be on your summer watchlist!


Insurance agent Goo Dae Young (Doojoon) runs into college crush Lee Ji Woo (Baek Jin Hee). He gleans vicarious pleasure from eating with her the food he loved in college in the early 2000s. Gradually, he overcomes a thirtysomething midlife crisis he’d been suffering from.

On Tuesday’s press conference, Doojoon expressed gratitude on starring in all three of the Let’s Eat series. “It’s an honor to become the symbol of a show. There are times when I still can’t believe it. This season will take us back to 2004. It’s going to be the best season,” the Highlight band member said.

New face actress Baek Jin Hee (Missing Nine) is also glad to have starred in this foodie TV series. “I was a big fan of the drama, and I’m so happy to be on it this time. I’m doing my best. I studied mokbang by watching previous seasons. There is a lot of mokbang in different dramas, so I tried to make it [special] in this drama,” she said.

Given that you’re required to call people older than you by honorifics in Korea, nothing brings two people closer than having born in the same year--just like our two leads. Doojoon echoed the sentiment on Naver V Live, saying, “We’re the same age. Jin Hee and I became close while filming … [Baek Jin Hee] is one of those people that can make you feel really comfortable.” As for Baek Jin Hee, “meeting him in person was surreal” after having seen him only on TV.

If you’ve enjoyed the first two seasons, here’s what to expect on the third installment: “Once again, the story will revolve around ‘single-person household’ and mukbang,” according to screenwriter Im Soo Mi. The main difference would be the focus on lead characters’ campus life in 2004, and highlights on the previous decade’s culture and trends.

If Let’s Eat 3 becomes a top rated show, the two leads will show up at your office to treat you to chicken and beer, they promised on Naver’s V Live.

On the last note, Let’s Eat 3 will be Yoon Doo Joon’s last drama before joining the army. He said, “But [despite my upcoming enlistment] I don’t feel particularly different about the drama. I just hope to finish well. I’m thankful that I’m able to work on such a great project before I go.”

Whether it’s cold buckwheat noodles or watermelon bowl salad, we hope Let’s Eat 3 will inspire you to try new ingredients and broaden your repertoire.

Let’s Eat 3 premieres on DramaFever on Monday. Add it to your Watchlist below.


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