The day before Thanksgiving, you can virtually sit down and enjoy a hearty Korean meal with the cast of Let's Eat. Star Yoon Doo Joon has someone very special he is thankful for this year. The BEAST member is elated by the birth of his handsome nephew. Anytime he gets the opportunity, he shares as many precious photos of his sister's firstborn as possible. 

Here are three adorable snapshots he shared with his followers within the past few weeks.

Doo Joon thanked Korean fans for coming out to celebrate BEAST's 7th anniversary with a happy baby close-up.


He reminded everyone to bundle up because of the cold weather with this sweet photo-op.

He didn't forget to set aside playtime! This Uncle and nephew have a bond no one can break. 

These photos are too cute! Are you looking forward to seeing the new uncle play food fanatic Goo Dae Young in Let's Eat on November 23?


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Image Credit: Doo Joon's Instagram