Episode 8 of Let's Fight Ghost was great, with our leads kicking some ghost's ass and the confusing feelings that come with a confession. Ready to recap it with me? Let's fight, then!


    The episode starts with Kyung Ja in Professor Creepy's office and what we already saw with the man turning to glare at her. He indeed can see her and even asks her what she saw. Upon hearing the name Kim Hyun Ji he proceeds to strangle her and he kills her! He kills Kyung Ja eonni! She just wanted to love him!

Seo Yeon is fine, she's just wearing a cast and now Bong Pal runs to the amusement park, but Hyun Ji isn't there anymore so he goes home. She lies and says she didn't even wait for him, but she's clearly hurt and he barely explains what happened. The next day she tries to play hard to get, refusing to go with him. He acts like he's happy about it but he clearly misses her. She can't play this much longer so she ends up popping next to him, scaring him but also being cute by trying so hard to make it seem like she isn't following him. Both end up trying to hide their smiles.

Why are they so cute?



Monk Myung Chul is at the police station, trying to make them help him find Bong Pal's father, talking about the blood he found and such. After that we get a flash back of Professor Creepy cornering Bong Pal's father, threatening him to tell him something but he refuses. Professor Creepy tells him "the child" died because of him. What child? Hyun Ji, perhaps? As Bong Pal's father doesn't answer, Professor Creepy kills him.

Oh bloody hell!


In Rang is going over the pictures and Chun Sang teases him about it, but he ends up showing that his angel can be seen in the picture. At that time both Bong Pal and Hyun Ji come and she's all happy and smiley that she's being called beautiful, but Bong Pal is like "meh." Later, however, he can't help staring at Hyun Ji and how beautiful she is. He has the look of a man in love and I don't blame him. Perhaps In Rang, Bong Pal and I could start Hyun Ji's fan club.

Later, Hyun Ji's good mood is ruined when she learns why Bong Pal didn't make it to their meeting. She leaves, hurt and jealous.  He stays for the lecture with Professor Creepy, who laters is questioned by the police. Yes! Keep on his trail, please! 

Seo Yeon asks Bong Pal to eat together, as a way to repay him, but he refuses and instead goes to buy meat for Hyun Ji. With food her mood slowly improves and then he gives her a uniform for herself! 

Why are they so cute? I can't even.

With her new uniform, now she can look also badass when they go for their new job. This time a building that used to be a mental hospital where seven people died. It looks creepy and awesome, In Rang and Chun Sang are always so amusing, so terribly scared all the time. Drama queens. 

They encounter two ghosts who first seem like they are attacking them so both Bong Pal and Hyun Ji fight back, but then Hyun Ji notices they hold on to them more than fight them, desperately, crying… begging for help. She understands they need them, they aren't bad ghosts so our guys actually call the police so the patients' bodies can be found and they can finally leave.



After this, Chun Sang and In Rang ask Bong Pal if he goes with a ghost around. He admits that she is Hyun Ji and In Rang is so in love already, trying to touch her and such. Bong Pal reacts, snapping almost like a jealous boyfriend. *grins* I like this.


After the job, Bong Pal and Hyun Ji can finally go to the amusement park, but it's late so they have time only for one ride: the ferris wheel. They run hand-in-hand! Aigo! In the ferris wheel, the mood is nice and in an impulse, Hyun Ji confesses that she likes Bong Pal. His reaction is to tell her that's not okay, he's human and she's a ghost, but he can't really say it before she interrupts him, admitting she doesn't need an answer. Then she poofs.

When he goes after her, they stop in front of Professor Creepy's clinic and Bong Pal actually runs into him, who asks for Hyun Ji as he heard the student calling her name. Get away, murderer! 

It's so incredibly awkward after that, both of them are awkward and uncomfortable, they can't even share the same space or have a peaceful and normal meal together. Luckily, they have a new case so they can go together to kick that ghost's ass. They are wickedly cool, fighting together in perfect harmony. 



After that, Chun Sang and In Rang show up, once the job is done and In Rang actually brings a present for Hyun Ji: heels. She loves them and asks Bong Pal to express her gratitude, but he lies and says she hates them. Why is he so cute when he's jealous and is being so childish? In Rang's heart is broken; the poor boy can't communicate with his crush.

On the way home, it's still awkward and Bong Pal can't even understand why he acted like that. Hyun Ji can't stand the awkwardness and proposes to play a game, the winner gets a wish. They play Rock, Paper, Scissors, getting in a better mood until she wins. her wish is to take back her confession and for Bong Pal to forget what she said. He is taken aback and doesn't seem to like it, saying how she confesses and then takes it back, confusing him. He doesn't get to dwell much on it because she starts to fade, feeling poorly and dizzy. 

Before she can understand what's happening, before Bong Pal can reach her, Hyun Ji disappears. Bong Pal is frantic, calling her name and looking around, but there's no sign of her until later. She looks confused but overall okay, and Bong Pal runs to her, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her in a protective embrace, asking her to never leave his side.



 This episode was unbearable cute, don't you think? I love how Bong Pal isn't aware of his feelings, but these are starting to show and Hyun Ji is also so cute. I love them so much, gosh. The preview for the next episode left me screaming so I can't wait! I'm praying Monday comes soon.

It's always so weird to say that. Let's wait together for episode 9.


Let's Fight Ghost

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