This week starts with episode 11 of Let's Fight Ghost and holy cow! It was a rollercoaster, with drunk heartbreak and theory confirmations. So, are you ready to recap it with me? Let's fight!


 Bong Pal can't find Hyun Ji in the ferris so once he has his feet on solid ground again, he runs back home, looking for her only to find the clothes he gave her that soon fade in his hands. At the same time, Monk Myung Chul is looking more into Professor Creepy, trying to figure out what's going on there. Simultaneously, Bong Pal realises Hyun Ji must've left because of something Monk Myung Chul said, so he calls the monk to ask about it. 

The man tries to persuade Bong Pal that this is for the best, but the boy won't listen and only fights back to then leave in search of the ghost.



 That same night we get a glimpse of the ghost of the episode: a woman that shows in the middle of the motorway, causing accidents and deaths. Chun Sang is called and acts like a real exorcist, doing all sort of absurd things as if he could see ghosts. But the poor guy is like that because he's alone, Il Rang is too busy inebriating himself and Bong Pal is looking for Hyun Ji.


Bong Pal does find Hyun Ji when both end up going to the amusement park, meeting at the ferris wheel. He goes after her but Hyun Ji, sure she did the best thing for Bong Pal, refuses to go with him and uses cruelty to make him give up. She tells him with him it's just lonely because he is the only one that can see her and that's not what she wants, she actually wants to cross over. Bong Pal is heart broken and asks her if she really was unhappy with him, and when she confirms he lets her go but he goes to drown himself in alcohol.

As Bong Pal doesn't pick up, Chun Sang and Il Rang go to Bong Pal's place just too find him drinking. He tells them that Hyun Ji left to never come back so now Il Rang joins him in the drinks until both pass out. Chun Sang has to carry Bong Pal home and when he drops the hobae on his couch, he can hear Bong Pal calling for Hyun Ji to stay and with that he realises the person the ghost had feelings for was Bong Pal all along.

The next day, Il Rang is with a horrid hangover while Bong Pal just looks depressed, so Chun Sang acting like a good sunabe takes them for a quick intervention where he tries to make them avoid depression as both are heartbroken over the same ghost girl.



 During this session Chun Sang receives a call to go once again to the site and the motorway ghost, but he declines as Bong Pal is in no condition to work. However, Bong Pal realises this is a good chance to get himself busy so he tells his sunbae to actually go.

Somewhere else, Monk Myung Chul is told how the professor has come before to Bong Pal's mother's ashes. He is also told how Bong Pal's father was so scared of Professor Creepy. Monk Myung Chul is confused, not understanding why the professor is so set on killing Bong Pal but we do know it's because the evil spirit that once was in Bong Pal is the one inside the professor.


 Hyun Ji gets some memories of when she died, so she starts digging and looking for the place she recalls. When she's there she has more memories or her mother and the hospital where she was taken. It's not only that but Professor Creepy was just going by and he spots her, getting worried that she might remember. And we finally get the confirmation that yes, he was the one who ran her over and left her to die, talking about something she had to deliver to him. What? WHAT?!

Sundae Soup Club goes to the accident site just at 2AM and the ghost obviously appears. It goes after the two sunbaes, scaring the living days out of them. But bong Pal goes after the lady ghost, fighting strongly even without Hyun Ji until he defeats the ghost, just when another car is going right towards him.



Luckily, he doesn't die, just gets bruised and hits his head, but Il Rang and Chun Sang take him to the hospital nonetheless. The same Hospital where Hyun Ji's mother goes all the time. Hyun Ji actually runs into her, following her and finding her own home. In the middle of the night the mother gets called and she runs to the hospital. There we finally get the confirmation that Hyun Ji is still alive! She's been in coma for five years.


Hyun Ji is going into shock so she is moved to ICU. Bong Pal, on the other hand, is treated and told to get X-ray but I think he leaves before that. Hyun Ji realises that now she knows she's alive, she can stay with Bong Pal and goes to him, spotting him when he's leaving the hospital so he runs to him, throwing herself to his arms and telling him she won't leave him again.

However, Professor Creepy also found Hyun Ji's body and won't take a chance she might wake up, so he goes there to kill her again. Well, the evil spirt inside him so Hyun Ji, in Bong Pal's arms, starts fading and getting scared. Bong Pal is confused and we can see less and less of Hyun Ji as her heart stops thanks to the professor.

The body goes into cardiac arrest and the professor looks pleased. When the heart definitely stops, Hyun Ji disappears form Bong Pals' arms. The professor smirks, pleased with his actions but just then the monitors go off again and Hyun Ji opens her eyes!



 Okay, we all suspected she was alive but in coma, so it wasn't the big shock but still! It's so great to have confirmation. I'm sure she won't remember Bong Pal, I mean it's just episode 11, we need more drama, but at least we know she's alive and our lovely couple can end up together.

Episode 12 is out so we only have to enjoy it now!


Let's Fight Ghost

Starring Kim So Hyun and Ok Taec Yeon

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