Who you gonna call? Since the Ghostbusters are a little busy this week (and NYC-based), we suggest that you call on Park Bong Pal from Let’s Fight Ghost to get rid of your ghosts. This spooky, quirky, funny show and its characters are sure to get under your skin quickly and leave you wanting more. But those characters might seem a little familiar too. They’re not quite a group yet, and they don’t have an old blue and green Mystery Machine, but the group of characters in Let’s Fight Ghost share some common qualities with Scooby and his gang. Join Taleena, Amy, and me, Kate, as we decide who’s the Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, and Fred, and discuss this week’s episodes of Let’s Fight Ghost.


Let's Fight Ghost

Starring Kim So Hyun and Ok Taec Yeon

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Taleena: Well, my fine, fellow drama lovers here we are again. I am eager to talk about Let’s Fight Ghost because these first two episodes have been a lot of fun.

Kate: The series did a great job setting the show up with the credits and the music that played over the credits. It sounded a little Addams Family or like a haunted house in a carnival. Fun and spooky and quirky, which seems like it will fit the show perfectly.

Amy: I am definitely excited to watch the future episodes. Like you said, it has a comedic feel despite the creepy scenes with the ghosts. The music is also a nice touch to all the scenes.

Taleena: I like that the scary ghosts are scary, they are maintaining a nice little balance of horror and humor that works so well. Our lead, Park Bong Pal, has nice chemistry with Hyun Ji the ghost girl - more fraternal than romantic to my eyes at this point in spite of the kisses.

Kate: After finishing Entertainer a couple of weeks ago, in which one of the main couples had a huge age gap and didn’t have a lot of chemistry, it was nice that these two were more realistically matched. A college freshman and a high school student are definitely a realistic couple. What made it even cuter is that Hyun Ji pulled rank on him, letting him know because of her death several years ago, she was actually his sunbae. While he has a crush on fellow econ major Im So Hyun (she’s definitely the Daphne of the bunch so far), there’s definitely room for plenty of complications. Especially since Bong Pal doesn’t quite seem to be quite as “Fred” as vet and prof Hye Sung.

Amy: I completely agree that their chemistry is perfect! I’ve also watch a few dramas were the leads felt awkward together, but Bong Pal and Hyun Ji are really cute together. Although they seem more like friends right now, I feel as though they are going to become something more than that. I just hope it all works out in the end since Hyun Ji is a ghost.

Taleena: Okay Kate, I see where you are coming from: Im So Hyun is definitely Daphne here, but I am putting a marker down that mild mannered vet and prof (why is a vet teaching an econ class?) is a villain. I want him to say, “I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling kids!” He’s got a weird tattoo in the middle of his back and a creepy vibe when he’s by himself.

Kate: I think he’s just not found the right group of friends yet, Taleena. I also think that he sees ghosts too (or at least, senses something). When he was rescuing that dog, I could swear he saw Hyun Ji out in the crowd. And I totally could not figure out either what class he was teaching that an econ upper class student would TA, and an econ major sophmore would also take. Maybe something about running a business? Though it doesn’t look like his vet business is going very well at all. That’s why I’m not ready to mark him as a villain yet. How could someone so soft-hearted towards animals be a bad guy? Maybe it’s just because I’m a dog person and he has me fooled.

Amy: I don’t know about him being friendly. I get the feeling that the Professor has something to do with Hyun Ji’s death. That tattoo on his back also doesn’t seem like a good sign. There’s also the possibility that his kindness is a facade. He reminds me of the cop in Oh My Ghostess, who appeared like a good man when others were around but was secretly evil. There is still the chance that he is actually a good guy, but I’m still suspicious of him.

Taleena: Me too. I have a nasty suspicious mind, so until the show reveals a villain and says, “This is the villain, here!” I will be skeptical. The GhostNet duo on the other hand.... I hope that they will continue to be the comic relief as the show progresses. They both obviously have skills, but between being frightened by a cat, the rampant popping of tranquilizers, and the antics which should rightfully be set to Yakety Sax, I never stopped laughing when they were on screen.

Kate: They definitely have Shaggy qualities, and Chung Sang and In Rang’s names even rhyme a little. They possibly even have Shaggy-style appetites, too, as they were perfectly willing to snap up Bong Pal’s lunch leftovers when he left to get away from them. I think they’d be good friends, though, even if they seem a bit clueless so far about what ghosts can really do. But did the both of you notice the name of their major online critic? I’m a big J-Horror fan, and was amused to see their super critic’s online name is Sadako, the ghost in Ringu! I wonder if that’s a nod to a possible “ghost in the computer” style set up for future episodes or just a wink to the genre.

Taleena: Well this is based on a webtoon so I imagine there are all sorts of wonderful little nods and connections.

Amy: The GhostNet Duo do act as good comic relief throughout the episodes. It’s fun to see them interact with Bong Pal; I do think that the three of them would be good friends. It would be an interesting twist if the online critic was actually a ghost. Another character that acts as good comedic relief is actually the Monk Myung Chul. I love how he always goes to Bong Pal’s house just to eat and sleep.

Kate: Myung Chul seems kind of Scooby or Shaggy-like to me, I’m not sure yet. What do you two think?

Amy: I definitely think Myung Chul is like Shaggy or Scooby. He seems to be easily frightened and addicted to sausages! Those must be his version of scooby snacks. I’m interested in seeing how else his role will play into the series since right now he just seems to act as an retired exorcist. I also wonder what happened in his past that caused him to give up his career; it was briefly mentioned while Bong Pal and Myung Chul were at the dinner table.

Taleena: I have a feeling Amy it is linked to Bong Pal’s refusal to see his father as well as whatever he is saving up for that will “fix his eyes”. He has seen ghosts ever since his mom died as a small boy and I am just amazed that he is as well adjusted as he seems.

Kate: There’s definitely some story there. It looked like Bong Pal saw something right before his mother was killed. Hyun Ji isn’t the only one with unfinished business. I just hope his beef with his dad has nothing to do with how his mother died. And you’re right, he does seem fairly well adjusted, considering, but the poor kid does need a couple of living friends. Hopefully his budding partnership and friendship with Hyun Ji will open him up to more friendships with the living as well.

Taleena: I am betting his beef with his dad has to do with his dad not taking him seriously about the ghosts. I think that all the members of this little gang are coalescing nicely. Now all we need is for Im So Hyun to rescue that little fluff ball of a dog and we will have our Scooby and the gang will be complete. I have a feeling that circumstances will conspire to add her to the group through her partnership with Bong Pal for school work.

Kate: I think there will be a lot of circumstances to throw this gang together as the series goes on. this gang of kooky kids together over the course of the series. I can’t wait for next week’s episodes so we can find out more!

Is the veterinarian a villain or our Fred? Will Bong Pal fall in love with a ghost? Why is Hyun Ji a ghost? Will the bad guys get away with whatever they’re doing, or will “these crazy kids” somehow work together? Tell us in the comments what you think.

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