Hyun Ji begins to uncover her past and cause of death only to forget it all when she wakes up from her coma. Monk Myung Chul is finally getting closer to catching the Evil Vet, but will he succeed? Join Kate, Taleena, and me, Amy, as we watch this story unfold.

Kate: This week was Hyun Ji’s week, finally! The back stories are coming together, and it looks like the characters are all getting to the same page. I think we all get a pat on the back for calling the coma, but now that we’ve got that done, let’s move on to all the implications. Was anyone surprised she’d forgotten Bong Pal and their adventures during her coma?

Taleena: Well, dramas gotta drama so - no. We can’t miss the “making up cutely” episode and these characters are sensible enough that they wouldn’t have it otherwise. AND considering it is helpful to the Evil Vet story line, that is getting the cop to where he needs to be in relation to Bong Pal et al, it was not a bad delaying tactic.

Amy: I was definitely expecting Hyun Ji to forget all the adventures she and Bong Pal went on. Like Taleena said, it is a drama after all. Nonetheless, I’m pretty sure Hyun Ji will eventually remember everything. I’m hoping she remembers before the Evil Vet gets to close to doing more damage, but based on the sneak peek for the next episode, she’s falling deeper into his trap.

Taleena: Eh. I don’t watch the sneak peeks, but I expect that both Bong Pal and her will have a moment of thudding realization deep in his lair only to have Suspicious Cop save them. The coma has one more major important function, which is to give Hyun Ji a decent reason for the late series physical wimp out. Considering she has trophies in Tae Kwon Do, coma weak muscles and physical therapy are adequate excuses.

Kate: There have been much worse amnesia and coma stories, that’s for sure. I think they definitely earned the memory loss and are executing it well; she has only forgotten the accident and what came after (coma adventures!) which makes complete medical sense. Her personality also seems fairly consistent too. I’ve enjoyed her feisty character and continued love of food. Bong Pal definitely figured out the way to win her back was through her stomach.

Amy: I agree that this is one of the more believable amnesia stories, especially since she still seems like the same person. I also thought it was cute how Bong Pal knew all the foods she liked, and tried to win her back through cooking for her. What I thought was really interesting about the recently awaken Hyun Ji is her ability to see ghosts now. I wonder how they’ll incorporate this into the rest of the series; will it play a role in Hyun Ji and Bong Pal’s friendship or possibly play a key role in recovering her memories?

Taleena: I felt like that was a real set up for the happily ever after. I think they are setting them both up in the Sunday Soup thing that the boys have going. Especially if - and I am sorry to say it is looking more and more likely - our favorite Monk takes one for the team. Evil Vet is getting more outrageous in his murder attempts, leaving a clear trail to Hyun Ji through his friend and the Bong Pal’s dad too. I think that Myung Chul the monk needs to warn Bong Pal at the least. I know he is trying to shield him, but when he saw Evil Vet chatting up Hyun Ji he should have let Bong Pal know.

Kate: The biggest question I have right now is how and why Hyun Ji got the weapon to begin with. Did I get that right? She somehow had that weapon, which is why Ghost Vet tried to kill her? Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite happy with all the new background we were given this week. Still, for me that is the last piece of the puzzle. I mean, I guess there are more questions about what will happen to the poor body the ghost has been possessing for years, and what will happen now that Hyun Ji and Bong Pal can both see ghosts (though I guess they will remain a ghost-fighting duo), but the weapon is my last big question.

Amy: I’m wondering as well how Hyun Ji got a hold of the weapon that the Evil Vet is trying so hard to get. I also am starting to feel bad for the body that the evil spirit is possessing. It seems that the spirit ruined that family; the mother fears her son (because it isn’t actually her son) and the father was, I’m assuming, pushed to his death by the spirit. There are still quite a few questions to be answered.

Taleena: I read it as the boy pushed the dad - who clearly was beating on the mom at least - and that act of evil was what opened the door to possession based off of what little we saw of Vet’s story. As for how Hyun Ji had a weapon, didn’t she say she was taking something to her uncle? Or her uncle had something for her? We know Bong Pal’s mom made both weapons and was a retired exorcist from the conversation the Monk and the Shaman had. Perhaps Bong Pal’s father was also spirit sensitive since he spent years trying to track the Evil Vet. But the connection will be between Bong Pal’s mom and Hyun Ji’s uncle.

Kate: Usually Chun Sang and In Rang provide a few highlights for my viewings each week and while they were not as involved in the story lines this week, they still managed to make me snort laughing. That funny scene where Chun Sang became Tony Robbins to motivate In Rang and Bong Pal out of their heartbreak over Hyun Ji was hilarious. I think Chun Sang should consider a career in motivational speaking. He’s entertaining, and it really fits his personality. He believes in himself so much that he even manages to get Bong Pal to follow along with his agenda for the most part.

Amy: Chun Sang and In Rang are probably featured less since there is more story line to cover, but I’m wondering what continued role they’ll play. I think it’d be pretty hilarious if these scaredy cats ended up saving Bong Pal and Hyun Ji from the Evil Vet. That’d be a great role reversal. I definitely agree that Chun Sang would be a very persuasive motivational speaker; he sure is confident in himself. I am hoping to see them more in the future episodes since I do enjoy their humorous acts.

Taleena: I love those guys. Chun Sang and In Rang really did Bong Pal a couple of solids this last week. 1) Chun Sang took care of Bong Pal piggy backing him home and doing the “move on from hopeless heartbreak” routine and 2) making sure that he stayed at the freakin’ hospital. (Side note: I had a bad moment when I thought that Bong Pal would go in a coma as she was coming OUT of a coma. Mercifully though they did not mess with me that way.) and 3) In Rang put aside his own feelings and let Bong Pal know about Hyun Ji’s being in a coma. Don’t count those guys out! One final thing: The ghost of the week, the doctor, was the creepiest ghost to date, but I have a feeling that was a foreshadow of how Evil Vet is going down - So Sez Magic Eightball.

Will Monk Myung Chul end up taking one for the team or will Chun Sang and In Sang possibly step up to the challenge and save them all? And, is the ghost fighting duo back as Hyun Ji now has the ability to see ghosts even as a human? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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