After trials and tribulations facing off against the Evil Vet, our heroes were finally victorious in these last two episodes. Yet while that fight is now over, they each find themselves at the start of new journeys. The Vet and his mother must cope with a lifetime of pain and try to re-establish their relationship. Hyun Ji must work to get into a good college. Bong Pal must gain permission from Hyun Ji’s mother so that they may honorably continue their dating relationship. But where will the future find them all? Will In Rang and Chun Sang succeed with Sundae Soup? Will Bong Pal and Hyun Ji continue to fight ghosts? Join Amy, Taleena, and me, Kate, as we discuss the final episodes of Let’s Fight Ghost!

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Amy:It’s finally over. Although it’s good that the Evil Vet was caught before he could do any more damage, I do feel bad for the man who was possessed. I get that he had “evil” in his heart beforehand so the spirit was able to take over his body, but I guess there really was no way out for him in the end. On the bright side, it was fun to see In Rang and Chun Sang in a way save the day, especially with In Rang’s computer skills and knowledge of the subway’s fire incident. In my opinion, the producers did a good job at closing up the drama in a bittersweet and happy way.

Taleena: I know fans are going to kill me but I feel like that last episode should have been 15 minutes at most. Closure, happily ever after, blah blah blah - once they killed the ghost I had almost no investment in what happened. I will say that the final confrontation went down in an exciting way. The pedantic, orderly side of my mind was very happy that all the major players got to part of the takedown - very much including the police racing everywhere with excellent response times!

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Kate: Good heavens, Bong Pal seemed to be running for so much of episode fifteen, I almost felt like I’d run a 5K by the time he met up with the others. There was so much drama in episode fifteen, and I was surprised how quickly they reached the final showdown. While I wasn’t as disappointed by the last episode as you were, Taleena, I did think that less time should have been devoted to the future...or they could have touched on more important future issues. I didn’t care that Myung Chul got in a fight with a woman exorcist. I had no need to see Bong Pal and Hyun Ji have a brief bit of jealousy and reaffirm their feelings for one another at the econ department blind date. I did find the Vet’s future scenes interesting, though. While I didn’t need much of it, it was nice to see he and his mother were rebuilding their relationship. I imagine that would offer some comfort. I still don’t agree with the “evil in his heart” reasoning, though Amy. It feels wrong that a kid suffers even more for wanting to protect his mom.

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Amy: I agree with the running. It felt like it took forever for Bong Pal to find the Evil Vet and Hyun Ji. Although I wasn’t completely disappointed with the ending, I agree that it did run long. At the same time, it was cute that they did “where are they now” scenes. A lot of it was unnecessarily, but still enjoyable to watch. I think all the scenes regarding Bong Pal and Hyun Ji were to solidify their relationship for their happy ending. I did especially enjoy the Vet’s scenes with his mom. I was really hoping that they two would reconcile, especially after all these years. The Vet did what he did to try to save his mother, and even though it was wrong to kill his dad, he did do it with good intentions, so I can’t help but feel a bit of pity towards him. Nonetheless, there relationship was slowly rebuilding, so I’m glad that the two will be catching up. I thought it was funny how In Rang and Chun Sang made their club into a future business.

Taleena: Sadly, no geranium mats or bracelets came into play. As for whether or not Vet deserved his prison sentence, um yes, yes 1000 times yes. He killed a lot of people and is not absolved of that just because he did so at the urging of a demon. I really liked it when he told his mom, “I deserve to be here. I committed murder,” and he made the distinction of it being a heart decision and mindset, not just demonic actions that propelled him to do the murder. Also, Bead Bracelet of Demonic Expulsion? What a letdown! The sword that Myung Chul got did the trick, not the beads. Plus, I pat myself on the back for calling BS on “the demon and the man are one person now.” Behold! The man alive and well in prison!

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Kate: I was definitely surprised that Professor Yoo survived the fight. It looked like the sword went through him, but it seemed that the sword severed the spirit from his body, and then Bong Pal gave that one big punch with the bracelet to send the disembodied spirit into...where exactly? Was it killed? Was it just shattered into nothingness? At the very least, it’s not messing with Bong Pal and his crew any more. It was also pretty neat that Myung Chul gave Bong Pal all the final pieces, and he and we realized that his mother was a strong ghost fighter too. The narrative seemed to suggest that the evil spirit was able to inhabit Bong Pal because the gods became angry when his mom decided to be a regular mother and give up her calling to raise her son. That seemed kinda unfair, too, but it really set up the story for Bong Pal and Hyun Ji to make a different choice at the very end. They will keep fighting, for the greater good. They will help the ghosts they can, and the people they can by sending ghosts on their way.

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Amy: I was very happy with Bong Pal and Hyun Ji’s decision at the end too. I loved how they ended the series having the two fight ghosts just like old times. It was interesting to find out that Bong Pal’s mom fought ghosts as well. It was like a way for Bong Pal to be like his mom.

Taleena: OKAY! I have my weird nitpicky question: What was the deal with Hyun Ji’s ghosty friend who turned up Not-So-Ghosty-After-All? She had her two crushes fighting over her. Too quick for reincarnation. Is she another mysterious coma patient that woke up with guys falling at her feet? Now that’s a k drama that I would love to see!

Kate: Exactly. Exactly! I can’t explain why the ghost friend showed up that way at all. Nothing makes sense other than a weird coincidence that there is a girl that looks like her that acts almost the opposite than the ghost. As you said, she’s too old and it’s too quick for re-incarnation, and the idea that there is a second coma victim out there who woke up at the same time is even more ludicrous. But then again, she did seem to have a confused look of possible recognition at Hyun Ji in the end. It was nice to see her stylish and beloved, though.

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Taleena: The only thought I came up with was that she WAS a coma patient and when Vet choked her ghost self it woke her up in real life. Look, it’s a kdrama which is littered with coma patients and amnesia victims all over the place. I think that the writers got on a roll of handing out the happily ever afters and just gave one to her.

Amy: It may seem impossible, but at least she got what she wanted in the end! I was surprised at first, but it was amusing to see the two guys fighting over her. If I had to go with a possible theory, I’d agree with the coma one. Seems to be the only way that could have happened. I’m assuming the writers gave everyone their happy ending since it was the end anyway. Might as well end it on a happy note!

Taleena: One more tiny question about the fate of the characters they just dropped completely: What do you think happened to the two vet techs when their boss was jailed for serial killing? I think that they became leads in a new drama and are working hard at a ton of part time jobs and will marry hoteliers. You?

Kate: Yes, I think theirs is the only fate the drama left up in the air. I think they set up a dog walking and grooming service for wealthy clientele, and they both feud over one of their hunky wealthy clients. Whichever of the techs is sweeter and more pure at heart (and poor) will marry him, while the other will finally find love with the second lead--a bit suddenly in the last couple of episodes--a pet food company chaebol heir who still somehow seems a bit hapless.

Amy: I just hope the two stay together. Maybe they’ll find another job with a good looking boss to swoon over. I would love to see either of your ideas as a season two!

What did you think of the ending? Do you have an explanation for the loose ends? A different reading of our characters’ fates? Have another idea about where the vet techs ended up? Tell us about it in the comments.

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