We move two steps forward and one step back in our main mystery as our Dynamic Duo is pulled in by the Derp Duo to investigate two separate ghosts. Join Kate, Amy and Taleena as we pick through the breadcrumb clues in episodes 3 & 4 of Let's Fight Ghost!


Let's Fight Ghost

Starring Kim So Hyun and Ok Taec Yeon

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Taleena: I’m digging this Ghost-of-the-Week thing as a way to keep the action rolling while our main mysteries: Bong Pal’s parents, Evil (oh and he’s definitely E-vil!) Vet, and Hyun Ji’s death progress incrementally.

Kate: It’s a formula that works, and I think there will probably be some episodes that are less ghost-of-the-week and more arc driven, but so far the breadcrumbs are tantalizing. I think you were right last week about our vet Hye Sung though- he’s in a mask, like in Scooby Doo. However, I’m calling possession. I think some kind of ghost is wearing him, and that tattoo isn’t really a tattoo. He seems to be related to (or the actual evil) that killed Bong Pal’s mom, and I bet this isn’t the first person it has possessed. I wonder if Dad went all Supernatural devoting his life to finding the evil that killed his wife and ignored Bong Pal, and that’s why they have such a bad relationship.

Amy: I totally agree with Kate. I similarly think that the vet is being possessed; he only seems to show his evil side when he gets caught off guard, like when the cat scratched him. I definitely think that the vet has something to do with Hyun-Ji’s death. There’s always a connection.


Taleena: So is Bong Pal Sam or Dean? I say Dean because Sam always seemed so Goody Two Shoes blindingly naive and Dean is about the benjamins. But you’re on the money calling possession with the tattoo a physical manifestation of the spiritual reality. I know they will probably do the Redemption Cha-cha at the end like they do in most K dramas, but I think that was the weakest part of Oh My Ghostess, so I wonder how they will handle it here. Hye Sung killed a kitten and a girl on camera. It is hard making the redemption leap off of that, much less if he had a hand in Bong Pal’s mother’s death or Hyun Ji’s.

Kate: That’s funny, I was going to say definitely Sam, since Bong Pal is such a good student at an excellent college and seems to be rejecting his father, hence ignoring and throwing out the letters he sends. Dean looks up to his dad a bit more than Sam, Sam rebelled. Though it appears Bong Pal’s rebellion is not complete. Yes, he may be killing ghosts, but as you say Taleena, it’s for the cash. I’m not sure what he’s saving up for (it seems like he has some kind of total in mind), but he doesn’t seem to be fighting ghosts because it’s a calling, it is more a special skill that can earn him some dough. And my goodness, Chun Sang and In Rang could use some of that. While they are a bit hapless, I was especially feeling sorry for In Rang this week as he was trying to make the best of their bad financial situation and Chun Sang kept denying the straits they were in.

Amy: If I remember correctly, I think Bong Pal is raising money for some kind of eye surgery so that he will no longer see ghosts. Chun Sang and In Rang are a mess, but they are definitely fun to watch. I did feel really bad for In Rang though since he seems like the more logical and responsible of the two. I honestly got a bit annoyed with Chun Sang since he acts a little selfish at times, but luckily In Rang accepts him for that.


Taleena: OH! Those two just about killed me this week. I want to give a should out to Kang Ki Young and David Lee for the superb physical comedy they did during the salon fight scene. Every time the camera cut to them as the salon ghost was throwing them around - only without the ghost actor- I laughed so hard. Chun Sang and In Rang have a funny relationship, because the ONLY thing I can see Chun Sang bringing to the table is that he is more supernaturally sensitive than In Rang. In Rang has the smarts, but he keeps getting pulled into bad situations by his buddy.


Kate: Chun Sang, when things are going well, is probably the stronger personality. I could see him getting In Rang spending his money on a fancy camera and starting this club in better times. Now that things are going badly, Chun Sang’s falling apart. It also doesn’t help that Chun Sang seems to be a bit of a ghost magnet. Maybe he can use this skill to help secure Bong Pal more exorcism jobs. He could get a referral fee. I think it will be a few more episodes, though, before Bong Pal is ready to see them as possible friends rather than a possible source of extra jobs.


Taleena: I think that depends on how quickly the writers move on the senior that was killed. Right now Bong Pal’s crush, Im Seo Yon, is in an unwittingly dangerous position. She is the link between the girl who died and Hye Sung. Plus, she is in his attention with the dog too. I really think this is going to be the thing which brings her into Bong Pal’s orbit. Hyun Ji’s ghost friend - whom I have dubbed Minnie for the awesome bow she sports - as well as Hyun Ji herself are bound to stumble across something hinky about the vet. The more I think about it the more I am concerned for Minnie too.

Kate: Im Seo Yeon is in a precarious place. I wonder, though, since K-Drama is the land of coincidence (or just is the ultimate small world), if she might have deeper ties to this whole story somehow. Maybe Hyun Ji and she knew each other? Hyun Ji did say she’d be Bong Pal’s sunbae, and Hyun Ji has almost no memory of her own life, other than that brief memory she gained during her kiss with Bong Pal. I’m a little worried there about Hyun Ji too. Minnie (Kyung Ja) may have done more bad than good in suggesting that Bong Pal definitely liked her. I don’t think it will do permanent damage, but it will cause some more hurt feelings and misunderstandings as Hyun Ji develops feelings much more quickly for Bong Pal.

Amy: I think Im Seo Yeon is definitely get into trouble soon. She’s always talking to the vet without realizing that he’s not as perfect as everyone sees him to be. Hopefully, Bong Pal can save her from whatever trouble she ends up in. Kyung Ja did tell Hyun Ji that Bong Pal likes her, but I don’t think Hyun Ji thought anymore of the comment after Bong Pal left mid-conversation to talk to his senior.

Siblings spat.png

Taleena: I was very frustrated when she kept saying to Hyun Ji that Bong Pal liked her. I’d like to have a brother/sister vibe rather than a romantic vibe. Even though we have seen two kisses and two ALMOST kisses, they seem to be better as fighting buddies than anything else. I really thought she’d get more memories after getting drunk. I had a theory that it wasn’t so much the kiss as it was a “first”. Now they have gone on to her doing the SATs but I doubt that is it. I am intrigued by the idea that Im Seo Yeon is, or rather was, Hyun Ji’s friend. If Bong Pal’s mom was killed by being pushed into traffic, I wonder if Hyun Ji died saving Im Seon Yeon from the same fate?

Kate: It would make sense that both Hyun Ji and Bong Pal were affected by the same malevolent spirit. It would also make a bit of romantic justice, especially if Hyun Ji is really dead, and not in some coma somewhere, if Seo Yeon and Bong Pal were brought together in the end by Hyun Ji. Only time can tell where next week’s ghost stories will take our characters.

Taleena: No comas. No COMAS! I hoped for a coma in Oh My Ghostess but I don’t want one here. And I realize I just jinxed myself.

What do you think drama fans? Is Im Seo Yeon part of our very small Kdramaland? Is there a connection between the death of Bong Pal's mom and Hyun Ji? Is Hye Sung possessed? Let us know in the comments!

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