As we are finally getting some answers to our questions, more questions are asked. The cops are finally closing in on the evil vet, but that doesn’t seem to stop him moving forward. Things between Bong Pal and Hyun Ji finally seem to be going smoothly until Hyun Ji disappears only to reappear moments later, causing Bong Pal to freak over almost losing his friend. Join Kate, Taleena, and me, Amy, as we discuss the happenings in this week’s episodes of Let’s Fight Ghost.

Taleena: Okay, I am super excited to talk about our various murder storylines or as I like to call them, Murderlines, and very much LESS excited to chat about the romances. We have the cops closing in, some BIG progress in tying Bong Pal and Hyun Ji’s backstory together. More flashbacks! We meet Bong Pal’s daddio only to see him die! Ghostie friend dies! We saw the Drawer of Murder Trophies! It was crazy pants!

Kate: Poor Kyung Ja! All she wanted was a boyfriend. She also wasn’t smart enough to realize what she’d stumbled onto when she found Hyun Ji’s id in Ghost Vet’s desk. Let’s have a moment of silence for Hyun Ji’s ghost friend. (Pause) Taleena, I see that you mentioned some progress in Hyun Ji’s backstory, but I still felt that we have been given tiny drops of backstory for her, and Bong Pal gets a full glass of water for backstory every week. Not that I don’t like Bong Pal’s story, but this week other than finding her id in Ghost Vet’s desk, we learned that Hyun Ji has a mom who was sad and probably missed her, we still know almost nothing about Hyun Ji. I was frustrated with that aspect of the storyline!

Taleena: Let me push back on that for a minute what did we find out? She was “killed” by Ghost Vet because of some mysterious package that Bong Pal’s dad had. She didn’t die in the street but was rushed to the hospital, where we saw someone who looks a LOT like Seo Yeon telling her to hang on. She was outside the Language Annex (I am betting heavily on it being at the university Bong Pal attends). She has family, specifically a mother, a parent figure that Bong Pal needs emotional closure with. And I say “killed” in quotes, because I bet her little disappearing act at the end of the episode indicates that she is in fact a coma patient.

Amy: I’m hoping that Hyun Ji is in a coma rather than being completely dead since Bong Pal and her are obviously starting to have feelings for each other, especially considering the teaser at the end of episode 8. But, I’m leaning towards Hyun Ji actually having been killed since she is a ghost that no one else can see. Also, I doubt the evil vet would let her stay alive if he had anything to do with her “murder.” Although we’re not as interested in the romance aspect of the series, I do think it should be discussed. Throughout these past two episodes, we see Hyun Ji and Bong Pal getting closer as they start working together more and more. We even end episode 8 with the scene of Bong Pal frantic after seeing Hyun Ji disappear right in front of him.

Kate: Bong Pal was looking at Hyun Ji much like he was just figuring out he had romantic feelings for her right before she started to disappear. At first, it looked as if he was pushing those feelings away, but maybe that disappearance (and subsequent reappearance) will change how he deals with that emerging attraction. I thought that was sweet, though I still hope that Hyun Ji’s not a coma patient because that just seems too overdone. But I think the case for a coma is growing, like you, Taleena.

Taleena: Well the reason I am feeling like a coma is a likely answer is because they are forwarding the romance to the exclusion of Seo Yeon who got major short shrift in our hero’s attention. Unless this drama ends in a really dark place, they need to pay off the build up of the romance happily. I don’t see them doing that with her being dead. If you compare this to Oh My Ghostess, you can see that Ghostess had a lot of viable options that Let’s Fight Ghost doesn’t.

Amy: Well, there is always the other possibility that Hyun Ji really is dead and in the end, the two ends up having to go their separate ways. I’m hoping that isn’t the case, so maybe the coma would be our best bet. I definitely want to learn more about what the evil vet’s motives are. Going back to the previous mention of the package, I wonder how exactly Bong Pal’s family and Hyun Ji are involved. I really hope the evil vet is stopped soon because I can’t bear to see anymore innocent people or ghosts killed.

Kate: Ghost Vet’s ending is going to be dark, no matter what. He’s killed a kitty, a college student, a ghost (well, I guess the police won’t bother him about that one, huh?), and who knows what else? Even though he’s possessed, what will happen to the poor vet when the ghost is defeated/evicted? The only out there I think that isn’t entirely dark is to make the Vet complicit in what was happening, like showing he asked to be possessed in order to gain some kind of power, or was already a murderer and bad guy before he was possessed, which is why the spirit picked him. Please don’t let the Ghost Vet be a nice guy who just gets messed with by the evil ghost! I’m not sure I can take that.

Taleena: Well, as with the student who was going to commit suicide in our case of the episode, I think that show is setting up a dynamic in how it handles possessions. To wit: there has to be a sympathetic factor for the possessor in the possess-ee, and that the person who is possessed can expel the ghost given sufficient sympathy or motivation. My guess is that it was pre-possession Vet that accidentally ran down Hyun Ji.

Amy: I definitely think that the possession of the other student was setting up the story for the vet, but I don’t think it was pre-possession vet that ran down Hyun Ji. When the vet was killing Bong Pal’s dad, he mentioned that the girl died because of the package; I’m guessing that that implies that the murder was intentional. I don’t know how they’re going to finish off the vet, but I’m hoping that he vanishes like the other ghosts once they’re finished off.

Kate: I completely missed that the package was connected somehow to Hyun Ji, and when Ghost Vet referred to “the girl” I had thought he meant the college student he’d killed, for some reason. I’ll have to look at that part again. Like the two of you, though, I also thought the possession was setting something up for the Ghost Vet, and like Amy, wasn’t sure really what it was going to be yet. That was a different exorcism for our gang. It was also really neat that Bong Pal admitted that he had a ghost following him around. In Rang’s crush is cute. I’m not sure the first gift I would think of to give a pretty ghost would be high heels, but that was a sweet little story and I think it will be a nice dynamic to see the guys talk to and ask about Hyun Ji and see how Bong Pal’s “translation” of what she says will be. He doesn’t seem too committed to accuracy at the moment, he seems a little too jealous.

Taleena: The jealousy is a big indicator that they are focusing the romance between Hyun Ji and Bong Pal. I want to touch on Da Boyz hitting up Granny for funding. We see flashes of Chun Sul’s hyper competency in the business plan he put together without In Rang even seeing, and also his weirdness in his inability to present it to Granny in a non crazy way. I have a feeling that this show will end up with the Chun Sul and In Rang running a successful exorcism business with a very much living Hyun Ji and Bong Pal.

Amy: Their partnership is definitely fun to watch. Seeing Bong Pal and Hyun Ji doing all the fighting, and the other two showing up late at the end cracks me up everytime. I can’t wait to see more interactions between all of them in the upcoming episodes.

What are the motives of the evil vet? How are Hyun Ji and Bong Pal involved in all of this? Will the two have their happy ending? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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